Our survival server is a place to show the best of your creativity! With a region claiming system you can build as large as your dreams take you. You can also join or create a town to play with friends and get special rewards


The SkyBlock server is the best way to give your survival experience a challenge, in the sky! With many unique and custom plugins, your experience can be written the way you want!


If you are not feeling like playing in survival and you just want to be creative, come claim a plot in the creative server! With large plots and 1.16 blocks, your creativity is limitless, except for the build limit of course.


You see, its a "Crate" update ... get it ... crate ... great. Runs.

| What's New in Survival?

Town Crates

- This new feature is now a perk of towns that have been official for a decent amount of time to get their own crate with custom items!

- The way you can get the crate keys is currently by joining the town you would like to be in and being an offcial member, soon we will add more ways to get these crates.

The Staff Crate

- This new crat...

By alkalinekats, 3 months ago
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We have added crates to SkyBlock! These have similar items to Survival's just with little modificati...

By 1StormFox, 6 months ago
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| Vehicles

We have added vehicles to Survival! These can allow you to travel much faster than before!

| To get a vehicle:

1. Go to /vehicles or /rewards then the minecart

2. Punch the vehicle you would like to purchase

- You can also get vehicles from giveaways on our discord which happen every so often.


By 1StormFox, 6 months ago
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We have added a new function to Survival and SkyBlock! It allows you to right click any colorable block with a dye to color it in a specific way!

A quick demo of the function can be seen here:

To use the function:

1. Hold the dye

2. Right-Click the block you want to change

By 1StormFox, 7 months ago
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We have added Builder Wands to Survival and SkyBlock! These allow you to build more efficiently by placing blocks really fast!

A quick demo of the Builder Wands can be seen here:

There are 3 levels of builder wands

Level One

By 1StormFox, 7 months ago
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TheFakeWorld Bot

We have a public Discord Bot that you can invite to your own server!

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