The Crate Update

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You see, its a "Crate" update ... get it ... crate ... great. Runs.

| What's New in Survival?

Town Crates

- This new feature is now a perk of towns that have been official for a decent amount of time to get their own crate with custom items!

- The way you can get the crate keys is currently by joining the town you would like to be in and being an offcial member, soon we will add more ways to get these crates.

The Staff Crate

- This new crate is full of custom items made by our staff team and will be added and improved on as we go, currently we are still trying to find a way to implement a way to get the keys, if you have a suggestion, please tell us.

Updated Rooms

- We heard that the old rooms in survival for crates, the shop, and towns was only ok. Don't worry, we hated them too! All three rooms have been majorly updated and look much nicer with the many hours we put into them, including the re-addition of the warps room! These rooms can be accessed by going to /warp warps/warp shop/warp towns, and /warp crates. (/warp warps is currently a WIP as we add this back)

| What's New is SkyBlock?

Two New Generators

- We added two new generators to SkyBlock, an ocean themed generator that spawns prismarine, gravel, sand, and corals, and an end themed generator with end rods, end stone, and purpur blocks. Thank you Nadis for suggesting these!

A New Challenge?

- You heard that right, we have implemented a new challenge! Island Top Rewards! Now the name is a bit of a work in progress, but the concept should remain the same if the name changes. The goal of these new challenges to to collect certain blocks / do certian tasks to earn rewards on SkyBlock. You can check out our first challenge session right now at /warp islandtop, just make sure to read all the holograms! If the first two sessions go well, we should be keeping this feature so we can continue to do these and possibly create a challenge system for survival. Best of luck to all the competitors!

| Where is 1.16?

Currently, some of our plugins that are essential to keeping our server running are still out of date, but as soon as we can get all of our plugins to that point, Survival will be updated first, quickly follwed by SkyBlock, and then Creative. This will all be done in the future once we are ready, but check the new #maintenance channel for updates or ask an Admin or Owner.

| Further Information


If you have an idea that you think we should implement you can suggest it using our Suggestion System on Discord!

1. Join the discord | 2. Look in #support


Bug Reports 

If you find a bug and need to report it you can do so by using our Bug System on Discord!

1. Join the discord | 2. Look in #support



Donations to TheFakeWorld are the main way we can keep running. All money through donations is put straight back into the server.

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