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Due to recent circumstances, the ADS SlimeFun guide will not be coming out for a few more months, sorry for the delay.
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The (Unofficial) SlimeFun Guide Part 2 is out! It is about setting up a basic energy system and get it running, I am planning on releasing another one soon about the Automatic Dust System (ADS) and how to set it up!
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June 14th

What is your IGN?

What is the name of your town/city?

Does it abide by our regulations?

How long has it been in operation?
Technically two years, but building it specifically for one year

How many members are there currently?

Where would you  like the warp?
At /t spawn alkalania

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The (Unofficial) SlimeFun Guide
You know, this is the guide that isn't necessarily about all the items and their use, but those tips and tricks that will make your life 9001 times better.

Disappearing Entities
Remember when you did F5 and didn't see yourself so you did F3+A and it only worked half the time? Remember when you were hunting down mobs and you didn't see the drops come from them?
Welp, this is probably going to be because of the Exotic Garden you have in your basement, just sitting there until you get it automated someday.
    ---Here is the trick! Move your Exotic garden plants at least two chunks away from any other things you own (Hint: F3+G will show you chunk borders), or places you constantly use for vanilla purposes (I'd also recommend moving all of your SlimeFun stuff to another chunk as well because the energy regulator tends to bug out a small bit when placed in a very active place in your base, although as said before, F3+A will most likely fix that problem, but sometimes it doesn't, then you have to re-log or just be lazy and deal with it :P) I'd recommend keeping them all in one chunk. In this chunk only items that are used will have the possibility of glitching out or not appearing, this will happen when bonemealing your plants and you don't see the essence popping out of them, if you don't think you picked up all of your items from your session of bonemealing, just do F3+A and all entities (Most the time) will appear again.

Confusing Cargo
In the cargo section of SlimeFun there are multiple things that you would most likely would want to know, such as an input takes things out from whatever its connected to, to wondering how the hell you connect an input to a lava generator.
    ---Input and Output 
These two get sometimes confused, Input takes OUT from machines & chests while Output takes IN from the input nodes, these will also run on separate channels and need a Cargo Manager (Explained Next)
   ---The Cargo Manager (Cargo Nodes as well) and Channels
The Cargo Manager is the heart of the Cargo system, without it, you cannot to cargo, this head will check for either cargo nodes or inputs and outputs in a five block straight path in all 6 directions (up and down are directions, duuuhhh). The Cargo Nodes will expand this system also spanning in 5 blocks in all 6 directions, Cargo inputs and outputs will not do this. Cargo also does not need energy to run, so you do not have to worry about connecting it to power.
These things will help a lot if you learn about them, each channel is respective to each channel, meaning that you cannot connect channel two to channel one without using a chest. Also, there are things in the GUI of the Input in the top right corner, they are self explanatory, but lets say you want to literally just want to transfer everything from one chest to another, leave the 9 open spots open and turn the whitelist to a blacklist.
   ---Advanced Output Nodes
These things are advanced, meaning that they are cool for late game, and you should probably not get into them early game, but I will still explain them. These make it so you have one input node outputting to a ton of output nodes, but you don't have enough items to fill up the chest so nothing else flows in, instead the output node will then have a GUI where you can edit what goes into that chest meaning you don't have to worry about it filling with random items, coming from who knows where.

The Experience Crisis of 2018
You know how everything takes experience to unlock, and how annoying it is to gather some of this experience, blazes are the answer to this problem!
   ---The Basic EXP Farm (Extra Fuel Included)
All you need is a slik touch pickaxe, a nether portal, and quite a few stacks of a non-flammable material. (Hint: Look up a tutorial on a Mob Farm for Zombies, this will be very similar) If you can get to a nether fortress and mine up a Blaze spawner with silk pick, you can create a spawner in the overworld for blazes, this is a bit complex to write in text, take that hint above. Then all you need a sword, and have at those blazes! (Please try to build these blaze farms in one chunk, and with a maximum of 27 Spawners!)

What to Unlock First
You have all these categories presented before you and you created the perfect blaze farm that runs at maximum efficiency, but you don't know what to unlock first, welp, this will help.
   ---Basic Machines
Yup, you know that category that has the enhanced crafting table in, the only thing unlocked, welp, you should try to unlock everything in that category because not only are most of those machines super useful, but you will also unlock a section called "Energy and Electricity" which also has some very important machines which you can ask some questions about below and possibly if there is enough I will create a separate post.
This is just as important because this section provides all the alloys and ingots that will be useful for crating things in almost all sections of the book meaning that you need to unlock these before anything, of course some things in there are definitely not useful to you at the time for the beginning, but might as well unlock everything while you can.
   ---Technical Components
This section is important for all things electricity because some parts such as the magnet you will craft a million times over. This is a decently small section and should be unlocked before you get into energy and electricity.
Yeah, I didn't want to spell it... In that section there are some items you will find useful, you might possibly find the entire section useful, so unlock it sooner than later.

Questions on anything you would like to add to this Unofficial SlimeFun Guide, you may post below and I will answer these questions once as I see them!
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The (Unofficial) SlimeFun Guide : Energy And Electricity
Yep, this tab deserves its own guide part.

The Energy and Electricity tab is most likely the most important tab if you want to get technical inside of SlimeFun, yes its not fun right off the bat but you will see that automation provides things to much more fun in SlimeFun later down the line of this awesome plugin.

♦ Power
The main focus of this tab is that you need power to run it all, with all the nonsensical ⇒512 J Capacity or ⇒64 J Buffer or ⇒16 J/s let me teach you some basics of the SF Power Systems
The power system is based off of Joules which are the only power unit inside of SlimeFun, this unit is always abbreviated as J and I will most likely refer to them as that more than a few times in this post. The only way you can check your amount of Joules in your power system at any given time is the Energy Regulator (I will get into this later) and a few ways you can store them are Capacitors or the Machines that have buffers themselves. You can produce Joules by using machines that have the lore that has a J/s on it, each of those do require different resources, make sure you have those resources before making the energy producing machines. (Remember this, Capacity will forever hold power until it is used or the thing is broken, buffers are slightly different, if the power generation stops, all buffers will immediately delete the power stored)
   ---The Energy Regulator
This is the "Core Component of an Energy Network" and should be crafted first! This block will show you how many Joules you have in your energy system and also provide as the connecting part to anything inside of your energy system, this block can detect Capacitors or Machines in a seven block path North, East, South, West, Up, or Down(Remember, this is not a sphere of influence, it is only directly to each direction and Capacitors are the only things that can expand this energy system) Along with this useful block you can start putting things on your energy system, congratulations! But now all you see when you place it down is "No Energy Network Connected" well, let me help with that as well
   ---The Capacitors
The item called "Small Energy Capacitor" should now be your next goal! This will provide your system with a way to store energy and also expand your energy setup, every time you place a Capacitor (of ANY size) your system will gain more blocks to put down your MachinesOnce as you have crafted the Small Energy Capacitor place it near your energy regulator and you will see probably the most satisfying thing a new SlimeFuner will see, a + This means you have been successful! Now, of course you can continue to keep crafting and placing these things down but how about moving on from the + and getting higher and higher numbers 
(Warning: Capacitors are one of the most bugged blocks in SlimeFun because the turn into heads called "CS_CoreLib's Head" if and when this happens please modreq this and we will fix them ASAP. Note: Other machines do this sometimes so please modreq them as well!)
Please include what type of machine it was in the modreq, If we have no evidence of the machine we will have to default it back to the lowest (eg a large energy capacitor could become small).

   ---Producing Basic Power
Enable to run those pesky Machines and fill up those Capacitors you must be able to produce power. If you remember from Part 1, you made a blaze farm! Now you have tones of blaze rods sitting around waiting to be used, well, today is their day! This is the third thing you should craft, the "Coal Generator". This generator is a nice early game Machine that will produce power for you at the cost of a few stacks of blaze rods or coal. This machine produces energy at 16 J/s and can run some basic machines such as the Electric Dust Washer, or Electric Gold Pan
   ---Producing Advanced Power
I know that this supposed to be a simple guide but I might as well tell you now that your main goal in the Power side of things is the power generator called the "Nuclear Reactor" this will turn into your main power source and you will use it a lot, there are many specifications to this and you should be careful when first using it, most likely using a YouTube Video or the actual guide itself.

Well then, I will not go over every machine or else this guide would literally go on forever, if you have questions please go onto the discord and ask questions in #slimefun-help
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The (Unofficial) SlimeFun Guide : Energy, GPS, Cargo
Energy System

Energy Guide

Most machines in the energy and electricity section in Slimefun (SF) requires an energy system. An energy system required TWO main item : Energy Regulator and a Generator. You can also add in a Capacitor to increase the energy storage.

Solar Generators (Advance, Carbonado, Energized)
Coal, Lava, and Combustion Generator
Nuclear Reactor
Bio Reactor


Each energy can expand to 7 blocks, vertically and horizontally and up and down.
You can connect energies using Capacitors.

GPS System

GPS system is needed in obtaining oil and used in teleportation. In my own words... the GPS system has two components: the Satellite and the Portal.


Satellite Guide

The satellite composes of GPS Transmitter(s), an Energy system, and a GPS Control Panel. The satellite is based on complexity. Complexity is based on the Y-coordinate. The higher the complexity, the more range the satellite can cover and the faster the teleportation works. I suggest building satellites above the Y-lvl of 200.

GPS Transmitter
GPS Transmitter, Advance GPS Transmitter, Carbonado GPS Transmitter
The higher tier of transmitter you use, the higher the complexity multiplier.

Control Panel

Control Panel allows you to access all your GPS Transmitters (online/offline), see you Complexity Level, and view your WayPoints/delete them.

The Portal

Portal Guide

The Portal consist of three components: Teleporter Pylons, the Teleporter Matrix and a Teleporter Plate. You place the pylons in a 3x3 box, leaving the middle open to place the matrix. Then place the plate on top of the matrix. Plates can be shared or personal. Personal plates can only be accessed/used by the person who placed it. Shared plates allows any player using it to access the teleported owner's Waypoints. You can click HERE for a Youtube tutorial.

How to create a Waypoint:

Waypoint Guide

A waypoint is created using a Marker Tool. To use a marker tool, right click the area that you want to mark the teleporter coordinates then type in chat the Name you want the location to be names as.

NOTE: A waypoint further away from a Satellite will take longer to teleport to. You will need to build a new Satellite system if you want the teleportation to be faster. Think of satellites as cell towers.

How to get oil/fuel?

Oil/Fuel Guide

The Oil system requires: a GeoScanner, a Oil Pump, and an Energy system. In order for the GeoScanner to work, you need a GPS System with a complexity of 600 or higher. Likewise, a GeoScanner only works near a satellite. You must used/activate a GeoScanner to scan the area for oil first before using an Oil Pump to pump for oil. The Oil Pump requires electricity. You can click HERE for a Youtube tutorial on the Satellite system and how to get oil.

TIP: Oil are most abundant in Ocean and Desert Biome.

Note: You will have to move the geoscanner, electricity and oil pump often. You can only pump oil once from a chunk. Press f3 to see chunks. You do not have to move the GPS system until you are too far away from it (~ 20-50blocks away).


How to Program an Android?

Android Guide

1.) Open interface with Android
2.) Click Memory Core
3.) Edit Script or Start New
4.) Click on the script to edit.
The default script added in is "Turn Left". Click on "Turn Left", you will go to a new page that shows you a list of commands. Right click the command you want. You will return back to the script interface. Right click "new command" if u wish to add in more commands.
5.) Close Interface with Android
6.) Open Interface and Insert Fuel
Under the Fuel, there is a Fuel Slot. DO NOTDO NOT put fuel in the 3x2 box.
7.) Click Start

TIP: The android repeats at the end so best to make sure the Android is programed to return to its original spot.

Farmer: Farms crops such as carrot, wheat, potato.
Miner: Break blocks and is used to farm crops such as sugarcane, watermelon, and pumpkin.
LumberJack: Breaks wood.
Fisher: Fishes
Butcher: Kill passive and aggressive mobs. (Only accepts liquid fuel to start)

NOTE: There is a set limit to how many commands can be programmed into a android.

NOTE: Fisher and Butcher Android can be upgraded. Fisher android upgrade increases its chance to catch a fish. Butcher android increases its damage. Upgrades also increase the efficiency in Fuel.

The Cargo System

I highly recommend you to watch the youtube tutorial HERE on Item Transport. It is very helpful but I will also try my best to explain the cargo system in this guide. The cargo system is used to auto transport things and/or item sorting.

Cargo System Guide

Cargo Manager
Cargo manager is necessary to start any cargo system. You can right click on the cargo manager to turn off/on the particles that shows the connection lines in the system.

Input Node
An input node directs what items gets to be “REMOVE” out of chest.

Input Node Options

Whitelist/Blacklist: whitelist means anything you put in the 3x3 box will get transfer out of the chest. Blacklist means anything you put in the 3x3 box will not get transfer out. Most of the time I just use blacklist and put nothing in the 3x3 box. This option just transport everything out of the chest.

Round Robin Mode: Robin mode ON means that the items in the chest will be equally transported to the output nodes.

Sub ID/Durability Mode: This mode ON includes items with same name but different ID/durability. For example, gold sword of different durability is acceptable.

Lore: Lore ON includes items only with the same lore.

Output Node
Output node “ACCEPTS” items from input node.

Advance Output Node
Advance output node has an option like an input node to choose what comes into the chest. This is mostly use as an item sorter.

Connector Node
Connector node connects the input and output node to the cargo manager. Just like the electricity system, everything needs to be connected. Connector node connects horizontally, vertically and up and down.

NOTE: Remember to adjust the channels. Each transfer requires an input and output node.

Guide Submitted by 1StormDragon!
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