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Due to recent circumstances, the ADS SlimeFun guide will not be coming out for a few more months, sorry for the delay.
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The (Unofficial) SlimeFun Guide Part 2 is out! It is about setting up a basic energy system and get it running, I am planning on releasing another one soon about the Automatic Dust System (ADS) and how to set it up!
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June 14th

The Pondered Options

The Guarantees
(as best as I can keep them)

Before I start listing the options I want to provide to everybody about what be of the MC server soon, I do want to mention a few things that will happen no matter what option is chosen.

First and foremost, the world download will come out, this will be avaliable to anybody for download for as long as we can host a link to download it from or have a file to share on our computers, we want to make sure that everybody can open TFW at any time to enjoy the memories made on the server.

Secondly, any talk about a reset (excluding full resets) will most likley loosley follow the guidelines of this post made a few months ago. I will update that if that is the decided outcome most likley in a completley new post so there is no confusion.

Third, I (alkalinekats) will now be running the MC Server, and 1Storm will only be running TFW Bot. This is not to say that 1Storm cannot help, but he will not be the first line of contact you should go to about MC server problems.

The Options
These options will be rated on my personal scale of stability technilogically and sometimes financially 1 being the worst, 5 being the best

  1. Option 1: As is, with a bug fix (Stability Rating: 2)As nice as this option is so that TFW may never dissapear, it also means I can do the absolute least with the entire server, due to how some plugins are made, 1.16.1 is the most stable version of the server in its current state, the reason why the rating is so low is that I will have to downgrade the amount of ram the server runs on. This will also come with a small bug fix update, but almost nothing else is stable enough to add or remove from the world due to how fragile TFW is right now in its current state. This would mean no future updates and most likley no more addons to the server other than the occasional plugin or two for stability.
  2. Option 2: An attempted 1.17 (and beyond) upgrade (SR: 1)As much as how temping this option is, unless this is the option that everybody wants, this will most likley not happen due to how I mentioned above, how fragile TFW is in its current state. The only thing that this option may bring to show is that plugins will be removed and some player data will be lost if I direct upgrade to 1.17 and beyond. One thing I do know is that upgrading the world to 1.17 is not going to be hard, but making sure everything else works well is going to be really hard. In this case as well, the most I can do for updating the server is a bug fix and not a lot more although the freedom for more plugins does free up a little.
  3. Option 3: Take the world download and lets start anew (SR: 5)As much as I don't want to say it, but also do, a hard reset for new adventures is the most stable option, and with the world download already being guaranteed, you at least do not need to permanentley say goodbye to your builds. With this option we as a comunity can build the server from the ground up, builds, infrastructure, and plugins or even the lack of plugins. This would allow the absolute most freedom in what happen to TFW and possibly a rebirth of community in TFW as well. ...
  4. Option 4: New seed, new plugins, new version, same builds (SR: 4.5) (My Personal Favourite)... Although I know that quite a few of the members of TFW are not to keen on losing their progress, items and builds, that they have made on the old server, yet wouldn't mind a new world to play around in with new resources, new plugins, and a new seed (Yeah, yeah, we know that the jungle spawn is getting old, its even wearing down on me). This would allow a huge amount of freedom without loss of progress, though build transfers are not the easiest and player data that does not include items, will most likley be lost (Although I hope to keep playtime, and a few other statistics if I can XD). This option will also mean that if you want to start anew, you totally can and still have your old memories in the world download.

The Decisions

Along with any of these options, a few decisions must be made that can make or break quite a bit of the server.

  1. Decision 1: SlimeFunThis is a hard one since I do know that quite a bit of the people who play on the server love to progress within this plugin, I love it myself and would probably vote to keep it if I didn't know how harmful it is to our backend. At least half of the problems on the current server are due to SlimeFun and if we were to remove it would make life quite the bit easier and also make the server a lot less fragile and problem prone. The reason why I leave this to a decision and not straight up remove it is because there may be a chance that we could keep it if I deem it fit for the server.
  2. Decision 2: Regions (Options 2, 3, and 4)As it stands, our region plugin is severley outdated and bug prone, I know that's a very uneasy thing to say, but we will need to chose a new plugin for regions, expecially since Java 16 is now a thing in MC and will cause this already outdated and frankly broken plugin to probably never update. If we can find one similar we would love to implement it, but we do need the communities help deciding if we should either use the twony system of claiming from now on, or find a new plugin, or simply go on our griefing rule and use coreprotect and go without a plugin for regions.
  3. Decision 3: The World Border (Options 3 and 4)We don't need a world border that goes out to 1 million blocks, we just don't, 250K sound good? Jokes aside, we have always loved having a huge area for player to build in but we just straight up don't need 1 Trillion blocks of space for a community as large as ours, I still want to make the world border heccin large but tone it down a little bit to help server performace a little.
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The LWC Guide (How to Modify Locked Inventories)

The LWC Guide (How to Modify Locked Inventories)

If you are sharing a base with your friends, this can be extremley usefull, along with public town structures like a town storage.

As you may have noticed already, every time you place down a chest, you get a line of green text in your chat that says :

This is made this way so that every chest you place can be protected in case someone might greif your base looking for items, it is also a way to make sure that mobs also have no effect on your precious items. 

You can read the commands and descriptions below to learn how to change the lock types on your chests :

/unlock :  If you want to make your chest accessible by anyone, or apply any other locks, you have to run this command

/lock : Lock an unlocked chest

/cpublic : After you run /unlock, you can put this protection on a chest to make it accesible by anyone, but not destroyable by anyone.

/cdonation : After you run /unlock, this will make your chest a donation chest, usefull for mailboxes in a town and donation chests in a shop.

/cpassword [password] : After you run /unlock, you can run this to make your chest password protected, so anybody with the password can unlock it.

/lwc -u [password] : This is the command you run to unlock a password protected chest

/cmodify [playername] or -[playername] : To add or remove player from your locked chest

/cinfo : Used to find the player who owns the protection and what protection it is.

/cremoveall : Rremove all locks on all protections This is Irreversable and Not Recommended

/chopper [on/off] : To allow hoppers to access or not acces your chests but for them to still be locked.


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The Survival Guide

Welcome to The Survival Guide

A guide made for those looking for a way to kick off their adventure in TheFakeWorld Survival

Welcome to TheFakeWorld! In this guide you will learn the major and quite a few minor features of our Survival server. Hopefully this guide will teach you all the basics you need to know to enjoy your experience on our server!

Section 1 : How to get started

So, you have loaded into the survival spawn for the first time, here you can find many of our server warps, NPCs, information, and even how to get to this guide. Right ahead of you at /spawn is the opening out into the Spawn Jungle. There is a protection region around this area so we can keep it looking nice, but if you continue out further until the text on your screen displays that you left spawn, you can finally get to the buildable area.

If you would like to build next to spawn you can, but because we have a massive 2,000,000 x 2,000,000 world, you can find endless places to build by using the command /rtp, it will randomly teleport you to a place in the world in which you can explore to find a great place to build your new home.

Once you have been exploring for a while using the /rtp command and you find the perfect place to settle down, the next step is to run the command /sethome [homename] so if you happen to go away from the area you found for your house, you can return to it at a later point in time. Once as you have done that, you have two options to gather resources, the first is to clear your area to prepare for your house, so deforesting the area around your house so you can build it. The other is to go to /warp resource. In this place, you can mine anything to your heart's content and you can also /rtp as well if you need specific biome based resources. Once as you run /warp resource, you will be teleported to a building and all you have to do is walk in and wait a couple seconds.

Elite Mobs will spawn in the resource world which will be based on the armour you are wearing and tools you have in your inventory, if you are just starting out, they will be low level and have few abilities, the higher tier armour, the harder they get, but the better the reward. In the resource world, you can also find custom structures that may contain really good items.

Once as you have collected the resources for your house you can start on building it, making it the way you want. Now when you place chests and/or inventory based items, they will lock so no one else can open them (If you would like to know how to configure your locked inventories, you can read this guide)

Now that you have built your house, I would recommend claiming the area around it so no one, other than the people you invite. You can claim land by running /land. I would recommend the TNT plot since it is decently large for 15K, and you also start with 20K so it is affordable!

If you run /land after claiming your region, you GUI should then look like this, you can invite people under the steve head, set your land spawn under the ender pearl (you can teleport back to this by doing /land home), and see your region border by clicking the Experience Bottle. Eventually, you will have access to a Command Block that will let you change settings like mob spawning and snowfall.

Now you might be wondering about the ways to earn money on this server, currently, there are a few main ways :

Jobs : Jobs are ways of earning money by completing certain tasks that your job says in its description. For example, mining can earn money by breaking stone, ores, and placing rails. You can join jobs by running /jobs join, this will bring up a GUI, and all you have to do is choose and click on the job you would like to be in.

Chest Shops : You can earn money by setting up chests shops for people to buy from. This way is really easy, but not the best since you don;t know when people will buy from you. There is an already existing guide here about them.

The Auction House : Here you can sell items using /ah sell [amount] with the amount being how much you want to sell it for. The listing will go up to /ah for them to be seen by other players.

Trading : You can also trade with players using /trade [playername] for safe transactions that don't include throwing items on the ground or no money given in return for an item. This is not a great way to earn money since you do have to ask players but is definitely a way to sell valuables.

Crates and Voting : Whenever you vote on the server you will get a vote crate key and a vote token (that can be used in /vshop). You can use this crate key at /warp crates and have a chance at anything that is in it, including monetary rewards. Also, rare items can come out that you might be able to sell to other players looking for them. You can access the links for voting by running the command /vote

Section 2 : Voting, ABC ranks, McMMO, Towns, and Donator Ranks

Voting and ABC ranks : As mentioned right above this, whenever you vote, you will receive a Vote Crate Key and Vote Token. Along with this, every time you vote you will also get one point closer to your next rank. You can look at how many votes it takes to get to your next rank along with the perks each rank gives you here. This is a free way to earn all of the perks that donators can get other than some cosmetic ones. Since our ABC system also strives to continue improving, you can also suggest new things to be added to it by going to the Discord and suggesting in #suggestions

mcMMO : This plugin that we have added to our server provides a boost to your normal tools and skills. They go very well in hand with our Jobs plugin in that, at the same time you earn experience and money in your job, you will also gain experience in your McMMo levels relating to it. Such as if you had chosen the mining job, you can mine away getting higher and higher levels for both of them, not only earning more money the more you mine but also doubling and even tripling your item drop. You can also unlock abilities that can make you mine faster, place quicker, or even do more damage. ABC ranks can also increase how fast you earn experience and how fast your ability cooldowns reset. If you would like to know more about McMMo you can ask in #ask-for-help in the Discord.

Towns : On our server, we have a towns system where you can get involved in a town or create your own to earn rewards like tokens and town exclusive crate keys. This is a great place to build a starter house and interact with the community before you go and build your own base. This can also help you gain relationships on the server that may help you in the long run. If you are interested it knowing how to start your own town or would like to know more about the towns system on TheFakeWorld you can visit /warp towns or look at this guide.

Donator Ranks : Our Donor Ranks are ranks you can purchase from our store at Our donator ranks are a way to support the server and are also not necessary for you to play since all of the perks except some cosmetic perks are available using our ABC rank system. If you would like to look at a list of what Donator Perks you get for each rank you can go here. Our server relies on these donations to keep running with the kindness of players like you. If you have any more question about donator perks you can ask in #ask-for-help in the Discord.

Section 3 : Useful Commands to Help You Get Started

Server Warps :

  • /warp warp : List of all server warps including towns.
  • /warp shop : The Admin Shop on the server that sells a wide variety of items
  • /warp towns : All town information and town crates are located here
  • /warp crates : Where you go to open crates like the Vote Crate.
  • /warp info : Warps to our in-game Tutorial and Rules
  • /warp tutorial : Our in-game tutorial
  • /warp rules : Our in-game rules about Survival and most of the server
  • /warp arena : The only place you can PVP on the server
  • /warp end : Warp to our end dimension (This dimension gets reset so do not build here)
  • /warp resource : Our resource world that gets reset and contains Elite Mobs and a special Resource Set of tools, armour, and items.
  • /warp spawn : A good place to warp to when things may not be working right and is also home to portals to server warps.
  • /warp parkour : Would you like to earn a tag for doing some parkour, then you can go here!

Tools, Items, and Inventory Management :

  • /autosort [chests/inventory] : By default, these two options are turned on and sorts your inventory (minus hotbar) or chests. You can turn this off by running the command that correlates to which you want to be turned off or on.
  • /lwc : A small list of commands with small descriptions on how to control and modify your locked inventories, a guide can also be found here on how to use these commands.
  • Tinker Tools : On the server, we have Tinker Tools which are upgradeable and modifiable tools that lead to better than vanilla tools. Enable to obtain them you can run /tinker convert and it will make your tool a tinker tool. If you would like to know more about tinker tools including how to add modifiers, you can go here.
  • /bottle get [#/max] : If you would like to bottle the experience that is in your hotbar, you can run this command.

Generally Usefull Commands :

  • /slime? : Used for finding slime chunks
  • /balance : Used for looking at your current balance on the server
  • /lot and /lot buy # : Our in-game lottery system for a chance at winning a pot of money that everyone can put into
  • /buy : Access the in game GUI for our Donator Ranks and Crate Keys Shop
  • /pay [playername] [amount] : For paying players money without using the trading system
  • /payall [amount] : If you are feeling generous you can pay all players on the server with this command
  • /heads : A list of heads you can use for decorating your base
  • /daily : Access the GUI for daily rewards on the server including crate keys every 6th and 7th day.
  • /discord : Our Discord invite link
  • /discord link : How you can link your account to the discord so you can message the server in #server-chat
  • /emotes : A list of in-game emotes you can use to spruce up your chat
  • /delhome [homename] : If you would like to get rid of one of your current homes
  • /ignore [playernam] : If you would like ot mute someone personally in Global Chat
  • /mail and /mail [playername] [message] : Used for checking your mail or sending to other players that are normally offline
  • /msg [playername] [message] : If you would like to send someone a private message this is how you do it
  • /party help : If you would like to start a party so multiple people can talk in private, you can run this to set up a party.
  • /modreq [message] : If you need help in-game for something other than a bug, this is a great way to contact the staff. Please be as descriptive as possible when making a modreq so the process will be shorter. (If you have a bug, go to #support in the Discord)
  • /ping : Tells your ping to the server
  • /recipe [itemname] : If you need to know the recipe of an item, this will help
  • /redeem [skill] [amount] : If you receive McMMo credits, this is how you can redeem them
  • /rewards : Brings up a menu where you can spend tokens to get cool rewards including spawners, vehicles, changing your name colour, and where you can find vote token rewards
  • /rtop : Shows the top 10 people who have done the most reactions in chat
  • /sfg : Opens up your SlimeFun Guide
  • /stats : Shows you a general overview of some common stats from the statistics tab in the esc menu
  • /tags : Shows your available tags
  • /tpa [playername] : Teleport to another player
  • /vp : Tells you how many votes until the next Party
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The Towny Guide

Welcome to The (Unofficial) Towny Guide

A guide on how to get started in tonwy and get to know your way around some of the most used and generally useful commands

Section 1 : How to start a town of your own

So you have decided to finally hop on the train of success and start to earn tokens, you know it will be a long process, but you know it will be well worth it. And now you have been /rtping around looking for the perfect spot when you finally find it.


Congratulations, you have found a spot for your town! But before you run /t new I would recommend that you do F3 + G as this will show your chunk borders. The reason why this is important is that the Towny System is chunk based, and each plot fits within one of those 16 X 16 areas. Once you have found the perfect chunk to start your town in you can run the command /t new [townname]. Make sure that you pick your name wisely as it is hard to get it changed once it is put into place.


Once you have created your town the very first thing I would do it run /t deposit 1000 as there is a 10 dollar tax every day. It will only take 10 dollars every day at about 3 pm EST. If this is not met, your town might fall into ruin! Once you have run that command, if you are looking about getting involved in the towns system for getting tokens, I would read all the information at /warp towns. After you have read those, you can get building!


So you now have a town and have read the requirements to be an official town, but you need more space! If you still have the F3 + G overlay on, you can go into neighbouring chunks and run the command /t claim, this will put that plot in the name of your town! If you run out of claimable plots, first deposit into your town bank the amount of plots you would like to buy times 1000, as each bonus plot costs 1000. In this case, let's say you need three more plots. You would do /t deposit 3000 followed by /town buy bonus 3, then you can claim three more plots for your town!


If you have not already noticed, but in /warp towns you needed to also have a claimed /land region around your area. This will be useful in being able to set up permissions such as mob spawning, ice melting, snowfall, and many many more. Where you claim your region is quite important though, you want to try and claim it in the very middle of your first chunk that you claimed. If an admin or owner is on, we can gladly put you in the exact middle of your plot so you can then claim a region around your town, a very good plot size to start with would be the TNT region which costs 15K, you can later upgrade your region to be larger and is recommended that you eventually upgrade to a Bedrock region so other towns would not be able to claim near your town.


Since you have finally set up your region and starting town plots, you need to go off hunting for resources to build your amazing builds. So you /rtp and get some spruce wood for your house. But then you start to panic as you don't know how to get back to your town! To return to your town, all you have to do is run the command /t spawn as this will take you back to your home plot. If you want to change your home point you can run /t setspawn and change where it is, I would recommend also placing your setspawn at the same place you claimed your region.


Well, you have finally built up your town hall and a few houses for people to live in, yet no one other than yourself to live in them! inviting people to a town is actually quite easy. To initially invite someone to a town, the staff team kindly ask that you ask before inviting, then if they say yes, you can run /t invite [playername] and if they accept, you can first tell them to run /t spawn so they can get to your town and then you add them to your /land region as well. Next, if you want your friend to move into one of the houses you built, in the plot that you placed the house you can run the command /plot fs [amount] with the amount being how much you want to sell it for, you can set that value to zero so it doesn't cost your friend anything. After that you tell your friend to run /plot claim as this will then put the plot in their name and in most cases will make it so now they can build inside that plot and nowhere else. You can also do this process for yourself if you would like to claim plots in your town for yourself.


These are the basics of creating and running your town, but you may be inclined to know more about towns, you can keep reading.

Section 2 : Useful commands for residents and people without a town

Under the towny plugin, you may notice that there is a /town and /towny, both of them are useful in their own way and have mostly different sub-commands that will help you along your journey to becoming an amazing town.

/town or /t : This is the main command, and what everything will start with, but if you run this command, it will show you all about your town. How many members you have, how many plots you have, any town options you have selected, and how much money is in the town bank.  Note: Any /town can be abbreviated to /t

/town help or /town ? : This is the command you can run if you may not understand some of the commands that may not be listed in the guide or possibly another way of explaining if this guide did not explain it to you in the way you wanted.

/town new [townname] : How you create a town, if you want to have spaces in your name, you must use underscores.

/town online : If you would like to check the online status of the members in your town at the current moment, you can run this to see who is currently online in your town.

/town invite [playername] : This command is used to invite people to your town, we kindly ask you to ask players before just running this command for any new player who joins the server.

/town leave : If you would like to leave a town since it was not right for you, you can run this command. This is irreversible on your behalf if you run this command, you will lose access to all of the town and the only people who can invite you back are town staff.

/town plots : This command is used for knowing the distribution of your plots in many different ways including how many are owned by players, how many are for sale, your total plots, and even the distribution of types of plots.

/towny map : This will show the chunks you own in a map that shows up in your chat. This is useful for making things filled out so you don't miss a chunk.

/towny time : This will show you how long until your next 10 dollar tax is due.

/town deposit [amount] : Only residents of the town may run this command, but if you would like to deposit money into the town bank, you can by running this command, this can help the towns by giving them plots to purchase.

/plot claim : If a plot is for sale, you can claim that plot by using this command

/plot perm : This will bring up something in your chat showing you the permissions of your plot, if you want a hud, you can do /plot perm hud

/plot set ... : This command contains a TON underneath it, this one is about resident allowances. 

  • set [name] : Names your plot (Use underscores as space)
  • set perm [level] [type] [on/off] : This will change the permissions that show up in /plot perm, refer to /town set perm for the syntax. Friend is used in place of Resident in these commands.
  • set perm reset : This will reset the perms of your plot to defaults of the town

/plot toggle [parameter] : For toggling larger features about your plot including pvp (to toggle pvp in your plot), fire (to toggle fire and firespread in your plot), explosion (to toggle tnt and creeper explosions in your plot), and mobs (to toggle mob spawning in your plot).

Section 3 : Useful commands for town mayors and town staff

/town withdraw : Used for withdrawing money from the town account into your balance

/town claim : Used for annexing new land next to your town, it must be connected to your existing town, outpost, or embassy

/town unclaim : Used for unclaiming a plot you may not have wanted to claim, the plot is returned to your avaliable plots, so don't worry.

/town kick [playername] : If you would like to kick a member from your town due to them not following your rules, you can run this command, although if you do, all items MUST be returned to the player that were in their plot. If chests are locked, you can make a modreq saying "/modreq I removed [playername] from my town and they have locked chests that need to be removed". An admin will be there to help and items will be moved to player storage for the player to recieve at a later time. If you are the person who was kicked, contact an administrator or in #ask-for-help in the discord.

/town set board [message] : This is good for showing a slogan or general statement you want the players of the town to recieve on joining survival.

/town set mayor [playername] : If you would like to transfer ownership of your town to another person you can by running this command but warning, this is irreversable and only the new town mayor can make you the mayor again.

/town set homeblock : If you would like to change the place where your "First" plot is. (Where the action bar text of [Home] shows up)

/town set spawn : If you would like to change where the spawn of your town is when people run /town spawn, run this command where you would like to set your new spawn, it will save where you are looking at as well, so if you would like players seeing a specific thing when they come in, you can look towards it when setting spawn.

/town set perm [level] [type] [on/off] : This command will control things that can happen in ALL plots of your town. For example, if you wanted to make it so residents could build anywhere in your town, you would run the command /town set perm resident build on. The different types of levels are Resident (Members of your town), Nation (Members of your nation), Ally (Allied town members), and Outsider (Anybody not mentioned within the other groups). The different types of types are Build (If you want these players to be able to build in all of your town), Destroy (If you want these players to be able to destroy in all of your town), Switch (If you want these players to have access to unlock inventories, redstone, and interactible things within your town), and Itemuse (If you want these players to be able to use items like swords, fishing rods, shears, ect. within the town). If you need more info about this, ask in #ask-for-help.

/town buy bonus [amount] : For purchasing more plots to claim for your town, each extra plot costs 1000

/town toggle [parameter] : For toggling large settings about the town including, PVP (Which doesn't work in TFW), Public (if you want the town to show up on leaderboards and have access by people doing /t spawn [yourtownname]), Explosion (If you want to toggle TNT in your town), Fire (To toggle the use of fire and firespread), Mobs (To toggle if mobs spawn at all), Taxpercent (if you want percentage-based taxes in your town), Open (If you want anybody to be able to join your town anytime without an invite), and Jail (used only in towny war)

/town delete : This is a command you will run if you would like to delete your town, it will only get rid of the town plots, not the builds, so you don't have to worry about that. This task is also irreversible, so be careful.

/town rank [add/remove] [resident] [rank] : This is useful for giving people in your town higher ranks so they appear greater on the /town screen, these ranks can also provide more accessibility for members to modify more plots within your town. And if you were asking if you can have custom ranks, no, you can choose from assistant, helper, sheriff, and vip (lowest to highest permissions).

/town spawn [townname] : If you would like to check out a town before you join, you can run this command to go there, if you are in a town alreadt, just /town spawn will take you back to your town's spawn.

/town say [message] : If you have an important message you need to say to your online members, you can run this command to give them a message sent from the town and only to your town members.

/plot forsale [amount] or /plot fs [amount] : This command will put the plot you are standing in up for sale for resident to /plot claim. The amount can be set to zero and any money that is there will be put into the town bank.

/plot notforsale or /plot nfs : If you have set a plot up for sale that you no longer want to sell, use this.

/plot evict : This will remove the current player who owns this plot and make it Unowned.

/plot set ... : This command contains a TON underneath it, this is for town mayor allowances

  • set [plottype] : Sets the plot type to something else including, arena (For PVP), bank (For cosmetic purposes), embassy (For other towns to own land within your town, or even other players without a town), farm (so people can use it for farming), Inns (for use in respawning, enemies and outlaws cannot set spawn here), jail (for use in towny war only), shop (for a shop plot), and wilds (for specific farms such as manual tree farms).
  • set outpost : This action costs 1000 dollars if you would like to set a specific plot outside the town to an outpost.
  • set reset : To reset the plot type to default
11 months ago

The Tinker Tools Guide

Welcome to The (Unofficial) Tinker Tools Guide

If you are looking on how to convert your existing tools into tinker tools, upgrade existing tinker tools, or use modifiers, this is the right place!

Section 1 : How to get a tinker tool and gain experience

Obtaining a tinker tool on the server is quite easy, you can convert any existing tool or piece of armour into a tinker tool by running the command /tinker convert. You can convert any of the following tools in the image below. All tiers can be made into tinker tools.

Warning: Running this command is irreversable and is also known to not work properly with crate based tools and armour, over maximum level enchanted tools and armour, and SlimeFun tools. Items will not be reverted once converted.

Once you have your tinker tool you can get on your way by mining, digging, or even farming. Every task done with your new tool or piece of armour will earn you 1 experience gained toward your next level which will unlock open modifier slots for you to add modifiers as you desire.

Section 2 : What are modifiers and how do you use them?

If you have not already noticed, but your tinker tool has now gained a lore that should look like this if it was not made with enchantments.

And in the lore you may have already noticed the "Modifiers:" section at the bottom. Well in that section all of your modifiers will be listed there, but you ask, what are modifiers? Modifiers are craftable items made in the default crafting bench (or in specific cases a bookshelf with levels in your experience bar). There is an extensive list of modifiers by running the command /tinker modifiers, along with how to craft them by clicking on them or hovering over them and reading their description. All modifiers can be applied by combining the tinker tool with the modifier item inside an anvil, as demonstrated by the gif below. This process also takes no levels unlike the normal anvil tasks.

Warning: All modifiers (as far as I am aware) are also irreversable! Do not add a modifier you might later regret!

Once a modifier is added to your tool that enchantment, either vannilla or tinker related, will be on your tool now for you to use!

Section 3 : Upgrading and Repair

Let's say you have spent a lot of time developing a new iron pickaxe tinker tool and you have four levels on it with two modifiers you spent a long time crafting. Well you are in luck because you do not need to throw away that old tool, instead you can upgrade it to diamond by putting three diamonds in the slot that the modifier would normally go in, so you don't lose that hard work you put into the tinker tool! Because of this, you can even upgrade all the way from wooden tools and armour to netherite! (For netherite, you just do the normal process of upgrading in a smithing table, all the tinker upgrades will stay along with all enchants)

Let's also say that you have a dimaond pickaxe that you have been modifiing for a while now, but the durability is getting low. You can easily repair that tool by dragging the resource it is made out of onto the tool in the inventory. You don't need to worry about an anvil anymore!

If you have any other questions, please ask us in the #ask-for-help channel in our Discord

11 months ago