TheFakeWorld Turns 3!

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Cheesy singing of the happy birthday song commences...

| TheFakeWorld Turns 3!

Turn Up the Hype!

- We have been through a lot on this server now through 6 Major updates of Minecraft, the creation and release of a Discord Bot, over 1 Billion blocks mined, and 3 years of a growing community of amazing friends and even better friendships! 

The Shop Sale Continues!
- As part of the occasion, our sale on the store announced last week will be continued for another week as part of the celebration, we hope that you can enjoy some of our extra perks now at a decreased cost. 

- Don't forget that if we reach our stretch goals for the month, there are great prizes for all members of the server including Global /fly for the month at 250%, Global /god for the month at 350%, and something very special at 500%!

| The Future

The Future of TFW in 2021

- It is always hard to predict the future, especially when we are in an extremely uncertain point in the Earth's history. But out of everything we hope that this year will be the best for TheFakeWorld because we are hoping to continue improving not only people's playing experience but also growing our community enable to create more friendships between the members of TFW. We hope that we can help everybody enjoy the server as much as they can while growing in their relationships and knowledge about the world.

| That Small Thing Called "The Caves and Cliffs Update"

1.17 and Build Transfers

- Knowing that most of our community keeps up with the times and has probably seen about this little thing called Minecraft 1.17. Y'know that little thing that nearly 2 million people watched a live stream about. Well, we are preparing for that small thing by saying that due to how we know the new world will generate, we will have to transfer builds to a new world. This process will take a long time, but we also want to warn everybody as soon as possible, so we are taking this chance now to say that the build transferring process will begin as soon as we release TFW 1.17

How will they work?

- This build transfer will be very similar to the way we ran our 1.12 to 1.13 transfers, so if you are familiar with it there is probably no need to worry, but we are changing some things that will benefit everybody overall, so even if you were around in the last Build Transfer I would read through:



Build transfers will now be free, last time the hassle of trying to count how many builds people had to transfer was very confusing. This does come with a stipulation; all players will be able to transfer a soft limit of five builds.

The build transfer process is not just a copy-paste job, we need to ensure everything copies across correctly and blends well into the terrain. We would like people to try and keep to this limit to keep the required work down. 



Build transfers will no longer use the forums, we will instead be using the modreq system in game. This means we want to ensure that it is an easy and simple process for both you and us. More detail will be posted regarding the process when we are ready to start the build transfers but for now here is a quick overview of the plan:

An example modreq would look similar to this: 


/modreq I would like my build transferred from [NW Corner 1 coordinates]|[NW Corner 2 coordinates] to [NW Corner 1 coordinates] [Rotation] and (do/don't) need the terrain to look nice around the transfer

/modreq I would like my build transferred from 12766, 45, -18921|12599, 145, -19427 to -67845, 45, 2691 Rotated 180 degrees and don't need the terrain to look nice around the transfer

Any SlimeFun block MUST be removed otherwise it will break. We will not accept builds with SlimeFun objects placed down.
All item frames and animals must also be removed as these will not get transferred.


Please note: The format of your modreq should be very similar if not exactly the same as this, we need this information to know where exactly your build will be moved to. 

A side effect that comes with build transfers is that they can break (especially rotated ones), so we ask that if possible, it is best to transfer your build by hand to ensure everything transfers across correctly.

Builds will only be transferred if we deem them 'worth it', we will try to transfer as much as possible however if a build is very small or doesn't look like much work has been put into it there is a chance we will say no. This will be on a case by case basis and will be decided by the admin team.


Other Information

Builds will be removed from the old world without a chance of recovery, this means that build transfers are set in stone, this is to prevent duplication of items.

Land claims through /land will be fully refunded, rather than the normal half as this is not in your hands and the region will have to be deleted. Also, any bonus claim plots you have for towns will be fully refunded so you can purchase the same amount in your new town.

Finally, "bedrock to height" builds, "terrain" builds, and HUGE transfers will most likely be denied. We ask that you only transfer part of your build that YOU built and not what the world generated, exceptions include actual "bedrock to build height" builds and custom terrains built by the player.

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