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| TheFakeWorld is Back!

What's new and improved, and what's old and removed?

To start off before I write any of the changes, I would like to let everybody know we tried as hard as we could to keep everything the same, what we can guarantee is that your items, builds, and general vanilla-based stuff on the server are safe and sound!

Some of our plugins we used to use on TFW have been kept along this crazy ride as long as they can, but due to Java 16 and other reasons, some of these have broken, so we have replaced most of them with better functionality.


Without further ado, here are the major changes:

  • The server has been updated to 1.17.1! As unbelievable as that sounds, seeing our troubles with just 1.16.3 in the past, we have fully updated the server to be on the most current version of Minecraft so you can enjoy all the new features and block without trouble!

  • Upgraded Land Claiming! [IMPORTANTTowny and our old region claiming method have been combined into one nice and neat little package called Lands. As part of this transfer to the new Lands system:
    1. All towny lands have been automatically upgraded to the Lands system, no need to reclaim these, a benefit of this is that there is no longer a chunk limit on how large they can be due to members in your town! 

    2. Any regions that were created with the old plugin before this point are now called "Legacy Regions" and as of current are still protecting your land claims from outsiders so nobody is able to destroy your amazing builds, please follow these instructions:
      • Note: You will not be able to build in Legacy Regions after December 1st 2021
        1. Note down a set of coordinates that might help us find your region in game
        2. Send a message on our Discord server in the #ask-for-help channel (invite)
          • This can be something along the lines of: "I would like to claim my refund for my legacy region at (coordinates)"
        3. Once posted there, an Admin will be able to refund and remove the region for you so you can start claiming using the new plugin, you will be notified when this is done
        4. Use the /lands create command in-game to create your land, you can then use /lands claim to claim additional chunks
          • If you need help, ask us in #ask-for-help or contact someone you know has experience
          • I will be creating a guide on how to use Lands soon™
      •   All Legacy Regions will be refunded and removed on the new year, removing their protection.
        • If you are just figuring this out past this time, your items in locked chests are still safe and protected, and in case someone destroys your base, I doubt this will happen (there is a griefing rule, don't do this), it may be possible to roll it back depending on the situation.
        • So don't worry, we just want to remove any bugs that may get caused by the old regions being there.


  • The process for automatically ranking up in ABC is slightly broken at this time, the perks still exist and are also being worked on.
    • If you believe you are at the next rank up in ABC ask an admin in #ask-for-help or in-game to get your next ABC rank.
  • SlimeFun is here to stay! We have noticed it is stable enough to run on the current server, all old SlimeFun items should still exist and work so there is no need to dismay about the time spent working on the pieces of technological glory!

  • The web store prices have been reduced! This is to better represent our server's running costs, many things have gotten cheaper and don't forget every purchase there goes to improving the server and keeping it running for longer!

  • There are a few known issues that may appear, let us know if you find any more by sending a message in #ask-for-help:
    1. [Item] does not currently work
    2. Party chats do not currently work
    3. SlimeFun structures in the resource world are missing
    4. The ABC and Ranks pages are a little out of date (will be updated very soon)

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