| Vehicles

We have added vehicles to Survival! These can allow you to travel much faster than before!

| To get a vehicle:

1. Go to /vehicles or /rewards then the minecart

2. Punch the vehicle you would like to purchase

- You can also get vehicles from giveaways on our discord which happen every so often.

| Usage:

1. Summoning and Destroying

To summon a vehicle place it as a block on the ground

To destroy a vehicle, crouch and right-click the vehicle (it will be put into your inventory)


2. Fuel

Each vehicle has its own fuel supply, to refuel it croach and punch the vehicle then click any valid fuel (eg coal) on the slot


3. Players and access

The vehicle will assign its owner based on who places it down,

the owner is the only one that can enter the vehicle once it is placed down

to reassign the owner, destroy the vehicle (crouch + right-click) and then have the other player place it.


| Further Information


If you have an idea that you think we should implement you can suggest it using our Suggestion System on Discord!

1. Join the discord | 2. Look in #support


Bug Reports 

If you find a bug and need to report it you can do so by using our Bug System on Discord!

1. Join the discord | 2. Look in #support



Donations to TheFakeWorld are the main way we can keep running. All money through donations is put straight back into the server.

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Have a bug to report? 
1. Join the discord | 2. Look in #bug-reports