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You know, this is the guide that isn't necessarily about all the items and their use, but those tips and tricks that will make your life 9001 times better.

Disappearing Entities
Remember when you did F5 and didn't see yourself so you did F3+A and it only worked half the time? Remember when you were hunting down mobs and you didn't see the drops come from them?
Welp, this is probably going to be because of the Exotic Garden you have in your basement, just sitting there until you get it automated someday.
    ---Here is the trick! Move your Exotic garden plants at least two chunks away from any other things you own (Hint: F3+G will show you chunk borders), or places you constantly use for vanilla purposes (I'd also recommend moving all of your SlimeFun stuff to another chunk as well because the energy regulator tends to bug out a small bit when placed in a very active place in your base, although as said before, F3+A will most likely fix that problem, but sometimes it doesn't, then you have to re-log or just be lazy and deal with it :P) I'd recommend keeping them all in one chunk. In this chunk only items that are used will have the possibility of glitching out or not appearing, this will happen when bonemealing your plants and you don't see the essence popping out of them, if you don't think you picked up all of your items from your session of bonemealing, just do F3+A and all entities (Most the time) will appear again.

Confusing Cargo
In the cargo section of SlimeFun there are multiple things that you would most likely would want to know, such as an input takes things out from whatever its connected to, to wondering how the hell you connect an input to a lava generator.
    ---Input and Output 
These two get sometimes confused, Input takes OUT from machines & chests while Output takes IN from the input nodes, these will also run on separate channels and need a Cargo Manager (Explained Next)
   ---The Cargo Manager (Cargo Nodes as well) and Channels
The Cargo Manager is the heart of the Cargo system, without it, you cannot to cargo, this head will check for either cargo nodes or inputs and outputs in a five block straight path in all 6 directions (up and down are directions, duuuhhh). The Cargo Nodes will expand this system also spanning in 5 blocks in all 6 directions, Cargo inputs and outputs will not do this. Cargo also does not need energy to run, so you do not have to worry about connecting it to power.
These things will help a lot if you learn about them, each channel is respective to each channel, meaning that you cannot connect channel two to channel one without using a chest. Also, there are things in the GUI of the Input in the top right corner, they are self explanatory, but lets say you want to literally just want to transfer everything from one chest to another, leave the 9 open spots open and turn the whitelist to a blacklist.
   ---Advanced Output Nodes
These things are advanced, meaning that they are cool for late game, and you should probably not get into them early game, but I will still explain them. These make it so you have one input node outputting to a ton of output nodes, but you don't have enough items to fill up the chest so nothing else flows in, instead the output node will then have a GUI where you can edit what goes into that chest meaning you don't have to worry about it filling with random items, coming from who knows where.

The Experience Crisis of 2018
You know how everything takes experience to unlock, and how annoying it is to gather some of this experience, blazes are the answer to this problem!
   ---The Basic EXP Farm (Extra Fuel Included)
All you need is a slik touch pickaxe, a nether portal, and quite a few stacks of a non-flammable material. (Hint: Look up a tutorial on a Mob Farm for Zombies, this will be very similar) If you can get to a nether fortress and mine up a Blaze spawner with silk pick, you can create a spawner in the overworld for blazes, this is a bit complex to write in text, take that hint above. Then all you need a sword, and have at those blazes! (Please try to build these blaze farms in one chunk, and with a maximum of 27 Spawners!)

What to Unlock First
You have all these categories presented before you and you created the perfect blaze farm that runs at maximum efficiency, but you don't know what to unlock first, welp, this will help.
   ---Basic Machines
Yup, you know that category that has the enhanced crafting table in, the only thing unlocked, welp, you should try to unlock everything in that category because not only are most of those machines super useful, but you will also unlock a section called "Energy and Electricity" which also has some very important machines which you can ask some questions about below and possibly if there is enough I will create a separate post.
This is just as important because this section provides all the alloys and ingots that will be useful for crating things in almost all sections of the book meaning that you need to unlock these before anything, of course some things in there are definitely not useful to you at the time for the beginning, but might as well unlock everything while you can.
   ---Technical Components
This section is important for all things electricity because some parts such as the magnet you will craft a million times over. This is a decently small section and should be unlocked before you get into energy and electricity.
Yeah, I didn't want to spell it... In that section there are some items you will find useful, you might possibly find the entire section useful, so unlock it sooner than later.

Questions on anything you would like to add to this Unofficial SlimeFun Guide, you may post below and I will answer these questions once as I see them!

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(late response but I'm just now seeing this)
Once we get this done, what's next? I've got all basic machines and will get the rest of the resources later, but I've got no clue how to do anything with energy and electricity.
 Any help would be appreciated smiley

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