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May Update
I like the idea of tags surprise
about 1 year ago

Daily bonus ideas
I like it, it rewards you for logging on, which I can see helping to maintain the playerbase
about 1 year ago

Claiming land
Personally, I'm quite used to the current system and have used it before, was never a big fan of the golden shovel system. What don't you like about the current /land?
about 1 year ago

Pretty small suggestion, but figured it couldn't hurt. So, you know how when you type in /dis or /disguise, it comes up with a list of disguises? The ones you have access to are normal writing, the ones you don't have access to are crossed out; however, because both the crossed out and non-crossed out writing is the same color and font, it is difficult and tedious to tell the two apart. My suggestion is just to change the color of the disguises that you have access to, or to completely discard the list of things you don't have access to, as it is a bit pointless.
Thanks for reading,

P.S. I feel like tempmutes should show up in Global, otherwise no one will know what happens if they fail to follow the rules. Warns and Kicks I totally agree with being private.
about 1 year ago

My new and upcoming town and What is my plan
I would be willing to help out, as I have in one of your other towns. I do have /fly, if that's at all useful. Oh, and maybe you could incorporate SlimeFun into the town somehow, like with a warehouse with all the different machines and such. In the meantime, I'll try to look around for a good area.
about 1 year ago

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