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By 1StormDragon » 11 months ago

July Update

A new month means some new features, Here is a quick overview on what we have added!

  • A new nether!
    • The nether has been reset to put place for a new custom-generated nether!
      • You might see some bugs around the nether, If you find any feel free to ask an admin+ about it!
  • Creative
    • ​We have added a new server! Creative is now accessible by /creative A few holograms are placed around spawn to get you started!
  • Synced Chat
    • The chat will now sync across all servers, meaning you can send a message in survival and everyone in the lobby and creative will see it!
  • SlimeFun Barrels
    • You will see a new section in your SlimeFun Guide called "Barrels", These allow you to store a mass amount of one item in a single block! Like a very large chest! 
  • Daily Bonus System
    • If you log on every day (to survival) you will be able to earn a few cool items! /db 
  • Drop Parties
    • Drop Parties will now happen at Survival Spawn every so often! You will be able to get some cool stuff from this, A minimum of 3 players must be online for it to start.
  • New Vote Site
  • Monthly Armor
    • Some new monthly armor has been added to the Vote Crate!! This will change every month.

We hope you all enjoy these new features and if you have any suggestions or find any bugs we would love to hear about them! Here are some sub-forums that may help you:




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By Shockrider1 » 11 months ago
Looks good!

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