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By 1StormDragon » 5 months ago

January Update

Here is a quick overview of what we have added!

  • Update Aquatic (1.13.2)
    • We have fully implemented update aquatic, There should be very little bugs to do with this anymore!
  • World Reset
    • The world reset for Survival is going well, Please be sure to post under the build transfer forum if you would still like your build to be transferred.
    • Creative build transfers due to 1.13 will also have to happen, Information on this can be found by one of the pinned posts on [THIS] forum. 
  • Creative
    • Creative is back with a fresh road look! You can claim the same number of plots as you could before, If you would like your old plot transferred please look at one of the pinned posts on [THIS] forum. 
  • SlimeFun
    • SlimeFun items will not work over the next 1-3 months, This is to allow build transfers to occur
    • All placed SlimeFun block sin Legacy will not work, if you would like to restore these blocks DO NOT break them and submit a /modreq stating what they were. We will do our best to restore every item.
    • We CAN and WILL check the items, Please do not try and trick us into giving you better items - consequences may occur, If you can not remember we will give you the lowest level of that item.
    • After a build transfer has been done all leftover SlimeFun blocks within that region will not be restored, This means that you have to get them restored before your build transfer - You are not required to restore any blocks.
  • SilkSpawners
    • SilkSpawners has not fully updated to 1.13.2 yet so you will not be able to silk touch a spawner until we fix this.
    • This applies to both legacy and the new world
  • SkyBlock
    • We are working on releasing a SkyBlock server, Be sure to keep your eyes on the forums for the post for it - We plan to release SkyBlock during February or March.
    • If you have any suggestions for it be sure to post them under the suggestions forum!
  • Removed Herobrine

We hope you all enjoy these new features and if you have any suggestions or find any bugs we would love to hear about them! Here are some sub-forums that may help you: