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By 1StormDragon » 5 months ago
Creative Build Transfers

As part of our new world, we will be offering the service of build transfers. These will be done by submitting a reply to this forum with the respective information listed below.

  • Pricing
    • We will transfer every plot free.
  • Limits
    • You may request for your build to be pasted anywhere within the creative world, as long as your plot can fit (if its bigger than 1x1) we will transfer it!
  • Transfer Rules
    • You get as many plot transfers as you would like.
    • You must own the plot, You cannot transfer someone else's plot for them unless we receive a message from the owner that they are ok with YOU transferring it.
  • How transfers will be done
    1. Read EVERYTHING in this thread.
    2. Reply to this topic that you would like a plot transfer with your old plot ID and new plot ID
      • If you don't know your old ID you can visit /warp old in creative and look at the sign around the plot border.
      • The new plot ID can be found by walking into your plot once claimed in the new world.
    3. Be patient! Transferring the builds is a long process and it depends on factors like the size of the build and plot. Additionally, please consider that our staff are unpaid volunteers that have families, jobs and lives that may cause delay on your transfer.

All transfer requests should be submitted before the end of March 2019. If you miss this date we will not be able to transfer your build.

If you have any questions feel free to ask one of the owners on Discord! We will respond as fast as possible.


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By mircidra » 5 months ago
I'd like two of my plots completly transfered: old plot ID -4;-3 to new plot ID 2;0
                                                                       old plot ID -2;-1 to new plot ID 3;-1