mangomateos application for mod

 Started by mangomateo



im only nine birth day 2.december 2009

GMT, norway

yes, i have

do you mean if I've been staff here before? then no

survival, only

minimum 10 hours

no i can't, but i can tell other mods so they can record/take screenshots

i like this server and i wanna learn more about slimefun 

i started yesterday day and played 5 hours.


and no

By mangomateo, over 5 years ago

im probably not gonna be mod since im only nine

By mangomateo, over 5 years ago

Good luck, Mango!
And don't say that, you might have a better chance once you're older, but don't count yourself out yet!
You might want to change your answer 'i started yesterday day and played 5 hours.' to the actual date you joined, so it doesn't have to be changed again. You can get the exact date by asking a Staff Member in-game, we're always happy to help!
Other than that, your application looks good!

By Shockrider1, over 5 years ago x 1
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