mircidra's Staff Application

 Started by mircidra

What is your IGN?

What is your discord name and discriminator?

How old are you?
14 years old, born on 22.09.2004

What timezone are you in?
I googled that and it says EEST

Have you been staff on a server before?

Are you still with this server? 
I haven't been staff before.

What gamemode do you primarily play?
Not sure, but lately I'm playing a lot in creative.

How many hours a week will you be able to dedicate to the server?
School starts, so probably not much, maybe 2-3 hours per week, but again, don't know yet.

Are you able to record AND upload proof of hackers?
I can take screenshots and I can record if I remember how (haven't used recording in a while).

Outline why you should be selected as a staff member on the server.
I love this server and I have a lot of friends here and I wanna help however I can.

How long have you played on The Fake World?
I joined on 25.06.2018 and played about 6 days so far (aprox) and I play pretty often (everytime I have acces to my laptop).
Are you friends with any of our current staff?
Yes, my oldest friends, JmeBoo and Kepler_22b, and also MikeThePotato and alkalinekats.

Have you ever been banned from any server?
Yes, two times on the same server. I believe first time it was for hacked items, but it was NOT my fault and I will happily explain in dm, and second time for exploiting creative (dm for details)

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