My new and upcoming town and What is my plan

 Started by xxpinecone

A New Town
I've already Built 3 towns all being a different design but the last two being Modern style and my first being a free for all
It's time for number 4. I'm 100% Going to do modern again and like my last two towns instead of it being a town to have it be more like a country with other mini towns surrounding the main one

Shortcomings of My other towns
The first one was a free for all and that's obvious why it was bad
my second was great but Was never planned for the future so it kinda flopped
My third was planned extensively and due to that planning it was not only cheaper but so so much easier
But my third had a problem...
All the land I had Was Just Not being used to the 100% Potential And the Huge Downtown skyscrapers I Imagined Just Were too small 
This was bad because Instead of being a big city it was just Big yards and unused land Which wasn't what I wanted 

Where will it be Built?
As I just said I had too much land for something too small 
This may be counterintuitive but I'm going to try and make a Smaller land area town
This Will help by making everything more of an NYC feel than a City more known for its urban sprawl
I still want to and forever want to live by the plains mountains and forest Geography But this Time I think that It can be executed better
I want the main city to Be at the crossroads of a Huge river flowing into the ocean (Again like NYC)
As you can tell I really draw a lot of inspiration from NYC
I Imagine a city centered around Only A river Going into the ocean That's it
No Urban sprawl out of that
However, I Think that the temptation to use more land for houses and not apartments will be controlled this time

How You guys can Help
Well I need a Name So Try and think about something Epic that kinda sounds foreign 
Uh Just tell me if you find some cool spots you think would look good
And Just give me input on what you guys want out of this
Thanks for reading


By xxpinecone, over 4 years ago x 1

I would be willing to help out, as I have in one of your other towns. I do have /fly, if that's at all useful. Oh, and maybe you could incorporate SlimeFun into the town somehow, like with a warehouse with all the different machines and such. In the meantime, I'll try to look around for a good area.

By Shockrider1, over 4 years ago x 1
The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.
-Albert Einstein

Mabey I can Have a factory 

By xxpinecone, over 4 years ago

That'd be cool; maybe a blaze grinder/power grid, too. Don't know that much about SlimeFun though so Idk how much help I'd be on that front

By Shockrider1, over 4 years ago
The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.
-Albert Einstein