Server Update 1

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Server Update 1

What has been done so far?

  1. The service that we have decided to host the server on has been decided along with the plan giving a good forethought to how much it will cost to run the server from the time we start it up later this month forward. As of right now we are expecting the server cost to be about 12 USD per month. 
  2. The webstore for in-game ranks, crates, and tags has been remade to be a bit more simple and is currently working, although as of now the only functional aspect of it is the server fund as the server itself is not running yet. Please do not purchase things on the store until the server is running.
  3. The decision has been made as to what we plan to release survival as later this month. Our plan is to actually upgrade the server from 1.16.1 to 1.17.1 as is, so there is not going to be a need to worry about a world download to get access to your stuff again. As part of this, some plugins may be removed, and if some of our plugins that pertain to in-game currencies break such as regions or tokens, refunds will be made so you can enjoy the new systems we put into place. If by chance the server becomes a little unstable with the current world, we may perform a Build Transfer and also give out the World Download, athough we find it quite unlikley. If by any chance the server upgrade entirley fails and will not work, the plan is to do a full reset with world download avaliable, but 1Storm and myself now see that to be extremley unlikley.
  4. We are in the middle of finalizing the plugin set. In all technicality, there is not too much that is going to change so you won't see a huge difference between the old server and the new server. Also, if SlimeFun is stable and also decides to play nice, we will use it, if not, we are very sorry.
  5. I have decided that once the server is updated to 1.17.1 and running at least half-fine we will conduct an Open Beta sort of thing where you will be able to help us find bugs and if you want, just continue playing. Although, as part of that, we cannot gaurantee that any progress during that period will be saved.

What has yet to be done?

  1. We are working on getting files transferred over to my computer and also in general setting up the server and have it be ready for when people log on to it for the first time again so no players lose their homes, items, or general playerdata.
  2. Actually upgrading the server to 1.17.1 so we can better see what new problems we may come across.
  3. Adjusting the prices in the store to better fit our monthly goal since now we are running at a lower cost. Most prices related to Player, Global, and Tags will stay the same, but ranks will be more affordable to make it a bit more appealing to purchase to help keep the server running without myself having to pay for all the running costs.
  4. Finding a couple substitution plugins for some of our broken old plugins. We hope to find very similar ones, but don't be suprised that we hadn't told you if they are bit further than what we initially wanted.
  5. Re-revamping the ABC system so it makes more sense especially now that we only have a Survival Server. (This may happen AFTER the server is running)

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