The Pondered Options

The Guarantees
(as best as I can keep them)

Before I start listing the options I want to provide to everybody about what be of the MC server soon, I do want to mention a few things that will happen no matter what option is chosen.

First and foremost, the world download will come out, this will be avaliable to anybody for download for as long as we can host a link to download it from or have a file to share on our computers, we want to make sure that everybody can open TFW at any time to enjoy the memories made on the server.

Secondly, any talk about a reset (excluding full resets) will most likley loosley follow the guidelines of this post made a few months ago. I will update that if that is the decided outcome most likley in a completley new post so there is no confusion.

Third, I (alkalinekats) will now be running the MC Server, and 1Storm will only be running TFW Bot. This is not to say that 1Storm cannot help, but he will not be the first line of contact you should go to about MC server problems.

The Options
These options will be rated on my personal scale of stability technilogically and sometimes financially 1 being the worst, 5 being the best

  1. Option 1: As is, with a bug fix (Stability Rating: 2)As nice as this option is so that TFW may never dissapear, it also means I can do the absolute least with the entire server, due to how some plugins are made, 1.16.1 is the most stable version of the server in its current state, the reason why the rating is so low is that I will have to downgrade the amount of ram the server runs on. This will also come with a small bug fix update, but almost nothing else is stable enough to add or remove from the world due to how fragile TFW is right now in its current state. This would mean no future updates and most likley no more addons to the server other than the occasional plugin or two for stability.
  2. Option 2: An attempted 1.17 (and beyond) upgrade (SR: 1)As much as how temping this option is, unless this is the option that everybody wants, this will most likley not happen due to how I mentioned above, how fragile TFW is in its current state. The only thing that this option may bring to show is that plugins will be removed and some player data will be lost if I direct upgrade to 1.17 and beyond. One thing I do know is that upgrading the world to 1.17 is not going to be hard, but making sure everything else works well is going to be really hard. In this case as well, the most I can do for updating the server is a bug fix and not a lot more although the freedom for more plugins does free up a little.
  3. Option 3: Take the world download and lets start anew (SR: 5)As much as I don't want to say it, but also do, a hard reset for new adventures is the most stable option, and with the world download already being guaranteed, you at least do not need to permanentley say goodbye to your builds. With this option we as a comunity can build the server from the ground up, builds, infrastructure, and plugins or even the lack of plugins. This would allow the absolute most freedom in what happen to TFW and possibly a rebirth of community in TFW as well. ...
  4. Option 4: New seed, new plugins, new version, same builds (SR: 4.5) (My Personal Favourite)... Although I know that quite a few of the members of TFW are not to keen on losing their progress, items and builds, that they have made on the old server, yet wouldn't mind a new world to play around in with new resources, new plugins, and a new seed (Yeah, yeah, we know that the jungle spawn is getting old, its even wearing down on me). This would allow a huge amount of freedom without loss of progress, though build transfers are not the easiest and player data that does not include items, will most likley be lost (Although I hope to keep playtime, and a few other statistics if I can XD). This option will also mean that if you want to start anew, you totally can and still have your old memories in the world download.

The Decisions

Along with any of these options, a few decisions must be made that can make or break quite a bit of the server.

  1. Decision 1: SlimeFunThis is a hard one since I do know that quite a bit of the people who play on the server love to progress within this plugin, I love it myself and would probably vote to keep it if I didn't know how harmful it is to our backend. At least half of the problems on the current server are due to SlimeFun and if we were to remove it would make life quite the bit easier and also make the server a lot less fragile and problem prone. The reason why I leave this to a decision and not straight up remove it is because there may be a chance that we could keep it if I deem it fit for the server.
  2. Decision 2: Regions (Options 2, 3, and 4)As it stands, our region plugin is severley outdated and bug prone, I know that's a very uneasy thing to say, but we will need to chose a new plugin for regions, expecially since Java 16 is now a thing in MC and will cause this already outdated and frankly broken plugin to probably never update. If we can find one similar we would love to implement it, but we do need the communities help deciding if we should either use the twony system of claiming from now on, or find a new plugin, or simply go on our griefing rule and use coreprotect and go without a plugin for regions.
  3. Decision 3: The World Border (Options 3 and 4)We don't need a world border that goes out to 1 million blocks, we just don't, 250K sound good? Jokes aside, we have always loved having a huge area for player to build in but we just straight up don't need 1 Trillion blocks of space for a community as large as ours, I still want to make the world border heccin large but tone it down a little bit to help server performace a little.

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