The LWC Guide (How to Modify Locked Inventories)

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The LWC Guide (How to Modify Locked Inventories)

If you are sharing a base with your friends, this can be extremley usefull, along with public town structures like a town storage.

As you may have noticed already, every time you place down a chest, you get a line of green text in your chat that says :

This is made this way so that every chest you place can be protected in case someone might greif your base looking for items, it is also a way to make sure that mobs also have no effect on your precious items. 

You can read the commands and descriptions below to learn how to change the lock types on your chests :

/unlock :  If you want to make your chest accessible by anyone, or apply any other locks, you have to run this command

/lock : Lock an unlocked chest

/cpublic : After you run /unlock, you can put this protection on a chest to make it accesible by anyone, but not destroyable by anyone.

/cdonation : After you run /unlock, this will make your chest a donation chest, usefull for mailboxes in a town and donation chests in a shop.

/cpassword [password] : After you run /unlock, you can run this to make your chest password protected, so anybody with the password can unlock it.

/lwc -u [password] : This is the command you run to unlock a password protected chest

/cmodify [playername] or -[playername] : To add or remove player from your locked chest

/cinfo : Used to find the player who owns the protection and what protection it is.

/cremoveall : Rremove all locks on all protections This is Irreversable and Not Recommended

/chopper [on/off] : To allow hoppers to access or not acces your chests but for them to still be locked.


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