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Welcome to the (Unofficial) Chest Shop Guide

A guide on how to set up a simple chest shop so you can start earning money in other ways than jobs, lottery, and voting.

Chest Shops are actually really easy to set up with the only matierals you need being a chest, the items you want to sell in that chest, and a sign of any type. Chest Shops can be placed on single and double, normal and trapped chests.

To create the Chest shop on your chest, all you have to do is write these four simple lines as demonstrated in the image below.

Line 1 will always be your name, as you cannot set up a shop for anybody else.

Line 2 will be how many items you would like to sell or buy, in this case it would be one item.

Line 3 is about as complicated as it gets, if you would like to only sell items from your Chest Shop, then you only have to include the "B #" part. In this case you would be selling one item for 100 Dollars. If you would like this type of transaction to basically do the reverse, where people sell to you, then you only have to include the "S #" part. In this case people are selling one item to you for 100 Dollars. If you want to be able to do both then you have to do "B # : S #".

Line 4 is really simple, if the item you have is already in the chest it will automatically detect it and put it there for you as long as you put a "?" in the last line. You can also still write in the name of the item you would like to sell, such as anywere from Egg to Lingering Potion of the Turtle Master.

As a final note, every time someone either purchases or sells to your shops, a message will appear in your chat, you can disable this by running the command /cstoggle, it will be useful to reduce chat spam. You can also run /iinfo to figure out exactly what your chest shop name for item will be or if you want to write it in, that is where you will find out, especially for the longer names.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask questions in #ask-for-help in our Discord

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