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Welcome to The (Unofficial) Tinker Tools Guide

If you are looking on how to convert your existing tools into tinker tools, upgrade existing tinker tools, or use modifiers, this is the right place!

Section 1 : How to get a tinker tool and gain experience

Obtaining a tinker tool on the server is quite easy, you can convert any existing tool or piece of armour into a tinker tool by running the command /tinker convert. You can convert any of the following tools in the image below. All tiers can be made into tinker tools.

Warning: Running this command is irreversable and is also known to not work properly with crate based tools and armour, over maximum level enchanted tools and armour, and SlimeFun tools. Items will not be reverted once converted.

Once you have your tinker tool you can get on your way by mining, digging, or even farming. Every task done with your new tool or piece of armour will earn you 1 experience gained toward your next level which will unlock open modifier slots for you to add modifiers as you desire.

Section 2 : What are modifiers and how do you use them?

If you have not already noticed, but your tinker tool has now gained a lore that should look like this if it was not made with enchantments.

And in the lore you may have already noticed the "Modifiers:" section at the bottom. Well in that section all of your modifiers will be listed there, but you ask, what are modifiers? Modifiers are craftable items made in the default crafting bench (or in specific cases a bookshelf with levels in your experience bar). There is an extensive list of modifiers by running the command /tinker modifiers, along with how to craft them by clicking on them or hovering over them and reading their description. All modifiers can be applied by combining the tinker tool with the modifier item inside an anvil, as demonstrated by the gif below. This process also takes no levels unlike the normal anvil tasks.

Warning: All modifiers (as far as I am aware) are also irreversable! Do not add a modifier you might later regret!

Once a modifier is added to your tool that enchantment, either vannilla or tinker related, will be on your tool now for you to use!

Section 3 : Upgrading and Repair

Let's say you have spent a lot of time developing a new iron pickaxe tinker tool and you have four levels on it with two modifiers you spent a long time crafting. Well you are in luck because you do not need to throw away that old tool, instead you can upgrade it to diamond by putting three diamonds in the slot that the modifier would normally go in, so you don't lose that hard work you put into the tinker tool! Because of this, you can even upgrade all the way from wooden tools and armour to netherite! (For netherite, you just do the normal process of upgrading in a smithing table, all the tinker upgrades will stay along with all enchants)

Let's also say that you have a dimaond pickaxe that you have been modifiing for a while now, but the durability is getting low. You can easily repair that tool by dragging the resource it is made out of onto the tool in the inventory. You don't need to worry about an anvil anymore!

If you have any other questions, please ask us in the #ask-for-help channel in our Discord

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