June Update

We have fixed many bugs and added some new features, Here is a quick overview of those!

  • Voting
    • Voting on TheFakeWorld has been fixed, It can be accessed with /vote!
  • ​Helper
    • We found that the old "M.I.T" role didn't suit the moderator's job, It made it seem like they are in a long training however that isn't correct. This role has been renamed to "Helper" to better suit them!
  • Giveaway Notifications
    • You are now able to get notified for new giveaways on discord with -role!
  • Starboard
    • We are working on a starboard for discord, this should be finished soon and fully implemented by July.
  • ​TheMaze
    • Willby and I (1StormDragon) have been working on a large maze, We will be opening this very soon.
    • Information will be announced on Discord.
    • We are working on implementing trains into Survival and potentially SkyBlock!
  • Removed Herobrine

We hope you all enjoy these new features and if you have any suggestions or find any bugs we would love to hear about them! Here are some sub-forums that may help you:


Quarterly Contests

  • Due to lack of participating in Quarterly Contests they have been temporarily stopped until further notice, If a large amount of people want them back and are willing to participate it is more likely we will bring them back.
  • If you would like to participate in the last contest for a while you have 1 month, information can be found here:

By 1StormFox, about 1 year ago