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By 1StormDragon » 3 months ago
Quarterly Contest Information - April 1st -> June 25th 2019

  • Build something representing a point in history
  • Must provide a date and location (if applicable)
  • Must be something that happened in the "real" real world
  • Has to have already happened (i.e. can't do something from the future)
  • Be built in SkyBlock
What is judged:
  • Stize of build
  • Details on the build
  • The ability to stick to the size of a map/maps
  • Accuracy to actual event/period
  • Use of decorative blocks like heads.
How to enter:
  1. Read the contest thread [HERE]
  2. Find a place for your build - Recommended that you make an empty map and see where your build will have to be.
  3. Find a team for your build
  4. Reply to this thread with the following information: team name, team leader, coordinates to build
Where to compete:
  • SkyBlock world on an island, Does not need to be your island but you do need to have access to the island.
Example Submission:
  • Team Name: Team Rambo
  • Team Leader: alkalinekats
  • Coordinates: 1234, 56, 7890


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By AustinTheHuman » 3 months ago
  • Team Name: Team Bean
  • Team Leader: AustinTheHuman
  • Coordinates: Coming soon...

I Shot The Sherrif