April Update

We have fixed many bugs and added some new features, Here is a quick overview of those!

  • /is value
    • You can now see the value of a block using /is value! Hold a block and use the command, it will allow you to see how much that block applies to your island level!
  • ​Banner Maker
    • You can now create banners easily! All you need to do is run /bm and play around with the GUI!
    • Banners can be purchased after making or crafted automatically (uses items in inventory)
    • /bm hand allows you to get a recipe for a banner that you are holding
    • /bm see allows you to get a recipe for a banner that you are looking at
  • Impossible Challenges
    • Some challenges in SkyBlock were impossible, for example "It takes a village" needed villagers but there was no way to get them
    • You can now get zombie villagers through quests which allows you to heal them and have villagers!
    • The "Pioneer" challenges is now possible, You can buy soul sand from the in game shop at /shop! No more limited soul sand!
  • ​Biomes and Challenges
    • Biomes and challenges are currently broken (as of April 1st) and we are working on a fix, an announcement will be made in the discord when it is fixed.
  • Survival MEGA UPDATE
    • Over the next month Survival will be down and the entire staff team will be working on improving the experience for players and hopefully fixing many stability issues that previously existed
    • The world will remain the same, there is a very small chance that players will lose items (other than slimefun)
    • The update might run into or through May but we aim to get it out by then.
  • ​Challenges playerdata
    • Playerdata in SkyBlock challenges has been reset due to issues with the plugin, We plan to make the entire system better and more stable for the future, Unfortunately the data got corrupted and we could not recover it fully.
  • Mobile Friendly Navbar
    • It was reported (using our bug system) that the navigation bar on the website was not very mobile friendly
    • It should now work to a point on mobile devices and it will be improved on a redesign, Thanks for reporting it!
  • Join Messages
    • We have some new global join messages on the server, You might notice that these already existed and that is because we have been trialing them over the past month, The join messages should be fully working and if you find any bugs please report them!
  • Removed Herobrine

We hope you all enjoy these new features and if you have any suggestions or find any bugs we would love to hear about them! Here are some sub-forums that may help you:


Quarterly Contests

Bug Reports
  • We are glad to see that our bug reporting system is working really well on discord! 
  • If you find any bugs click the link above to report them, Additionally a similar suggestions system is in the works so look forward to that!


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