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What is your IGN?


What is your discord name and discriminator?


How old are you?

March the 28th, 2002

What timezone are you in?

UTC +10, Australian Eastern Standard Time 

Have you been staff on a server before?

I have been a staff on another server before, the average player count is about 20 players, 

but stopped playing due to the change of console because of an accident - I broke my phone, then can't remember my old account and I can't remember the server name.

What gamemode do you primarily play?

I play Hypixel the most of my time and do not play normal survival or creative, although I am 

good at building, which might be a great help to you guys.

How many hours a week will you be able to dedicate to the server?

I can play in average 2 hours in the weekends every week due to intense schoolwork, but much more in the holidays.

Are you able to record AND upload proof of hackers?

I have a really good set of recording system, so I will be able to record hackers most of the time due to the fact that I record my gameplay a lot.

Outline why you should be selected as a staff member on the server.

I should be selected as a staff member because of my dedication and focus to certain things and I can also advertise the server in 2 ways - Friends and youtube, since I will be starting a youtube channel. 

How long have you played on The Fake World?

Sadly, I didn't know this server until today, so I haven't been playing for a long time, but I would like to be staff in an Australian server because I am Australian. 

Are you friends with any of our current staff?

I am friends with the owner 1StormDragon

Have you ever been banned from any server?

I have never been banned due to the fact that I hate hacking and therefore is a really good role model to other players in the server, I will also encourage other players to be nice and have a sensible game time.


In conclusion, please accept this request :P, I am only asking to be a Moderator, or maybe a Administrator, if possible. Thank you for your time, and hopefully I will hear from you the good news! :)



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