LadyCassandra's Staff Application

 Started by LadyCassandra

What is your IGN?

What is your discord name and discriminator?

How old are you?
17 - Dec. 2000

What timezone are you in?
PST  (UTC - 8)

Have you been staff on a server before?
Yes - Average count was about 100-120 players. Staff for 7 months, highest rank was SuperMod - a high-rank that oversaw the mods and helpers and was just short of admin. 
I was also staff on two more servers after that, 50 players and 30 players, mod and helper respectively. 

Are you still with this server? 
No. I left all of them because of drama or they closed down. 

What gamemode do you primarily play?

How many hours a week will you be able to dedicate to the server?
10-15 hours, as the school year is approaching. 

Are you able to record AND upload proof of hackers?
Yes. Win+Alt+R and YouTube

Outline why you should be selected as a staff member on the server.
I've been trained to help others, track down hackers, moderate chat, and search logs. I can bend my time to be active for the server if I need to. I also enjoy working towards improving the server as a whole. I can't code, but I like to help with managing suggestions and discussing what's good for the server. In total I have about 16 months of staffing experience, and I've worked with different sorts of people and systems. 

How long have you played on The Fake World?
I don't know the exact date, but I started actively playing about a week ago. 

Are you friends with any of our current staff?
I know Mike, Storm, and alka. I'm closest to Mike as we've been staff together in a previous server. 

Have you ever been banned from any server?
Not legitimately. Mostly due to server drama, so it wasn't for a decent reason. I was unbanned soon after I worked it out with the staff. 

By LadyCassandra, over 3 years ago