Staff Application - zAbod_KFC

 Started by zAbod_KFC

What is your IGN?

What is your discord name and discriminator?
For example: ~Abod#3376

How old are you?
I was born in 02/05/2001 (DD/MM/YEAR)

What timezone are you in?
GMT+4 (Dubai)

Have you been staff on a server before?
I was a Mod in a survival server (Citys), I started with a helper pos then they promoted me to a Mod pos, Also they were on the line to promote me to an admin but the server had been closed 

Are you still with this server? 
Nope, They closed the server 

What gamemode do you primarily play?
PvP, Survival

How many hours a week will you be able to dedicate to the server?
I can be there every day, Like 6 hours per day (6hour/day*7 days)= 42 Hours/Week

Are you able to record AND upload proof of hackers?
Of curse I have recording tool, 1 press will start recording 

Outline why you should be selected as a staff member on the server.
Becuase I am a Professional Staff member, I know How the hackers hack, and What  does TFW  need from the staff to do

How long have you played on The Fake World?
From 19/7/2018, And I will start my own business soon, I join and play in the server Every day at least 4 hours per day

Are you friends with any of our current staff?
Yes, Kepler_22b is my Friend and he's a mod

Have you ever been banned from any server?
I have never get banned from any server, Only 7 days in HyPixel 

By zAbod_KFC, over 4 years ago