TheFakeWorld Rules

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These are the rules and regulations for all of TheFakeWorld, Including but not limited to In-Game Chat, Signs, and Nicknames, Discord Chats, Voice, and Custom Statuses, and also The Forum itself.

These are subject to change and may be modified at any time in the future, It is your responsibility to keep up to date with them.

 These rules were last updated on the 20th of October, 2020

General rules


  • Your account is your responsibility
    • In the case that someone else other than yourself accesses your account and causes you to have consequences, it is now your responsibility to take care of them, as it is your account and no-one else.
  • Do not exploit ANY bugs
    • Exploiting ANY bug is not tolerated here and will be met with a two-week ban
    • If you discover any bugs or exploits report it in the Discord in #support or here 
    • The only exception is TNT duplication for the use of TNT based farms ONLY
  • PVP and/or player trapping is strictly forbidden
    • You may not PVP anywhere, on any server or world
    • The only exceptions to this rule are designated PVP areas (like /warp arena)
    • Any attempt to kill or trap a player will not be tolerated and will lead to an immediate ban
  • Impersonation is not allowed
    • Do not attempt to impersonate anyone
    • Any attempt of impersonation with a player is ill-advised
    • Any attempt to impersonate a staff is strictly forbidden
  • Modded/hacked clients are forbidden
    • Xray, Fly hacks, Jesus hacks (walking on water), or any other unfair client modifications are forbidden
    • Allowed modifications include Cosmetic modifications as long as they do NOT give you an unfair advantage. 
    • Examples of allowed modifications include:
      • Aesthetic modifications (Shaders or Texture Packs other than X-Ray)
      • Hud modifications (Badlion Client, Armour Status, Tabby Chat, etc)
      • Gamma modifications
      • Performance improvement (Optifine, OptiFabric, etc)
      • Minimap modifications (Staff Recommend Xaero's Minimap or VoxelMap)
    • If you are not sure if you can use a mod, ask a staff member BEFORE using the mod
  • Griefing in any form is strictly forbidden
    • Forms of Griefing:
      • Placing OR Destroying blocks without PRIOR consent from the original builder
      • Looting unprotected bases, chests, item frames, etc. is not allowed since all old builds must be moved to player storage.
      • Before claiming land be sure to check the surrounding area and file a /modreq to verify if any builds are abandoned, A member of the admin team will notify you if you are able to claim.
  • Offensive skins/usernames are forbidden
    • Joining with either of these will get you immediately banned, you may appeal on the forums here after changing your skin or username
  • Backseat moderation is forbidden
    • Do not backseat mod on the server, if you find a player breaking the rules and there are no staff on you may report it in #ask-for-help in the Discord, preferably with pictures

Global chat rules

  • Please keep profane language to a minimum
    • This server is PG-13, Keep within these guidelines
    • You may use 'crap', 'hell' and 'damn' if not used against another player.
    • The only exception is Discord Voice Chats, but if someone asks you to stop, please stop
  • Any form of spam is disallowed
    • Key spam (7+ repeated characters in a row or spamming random keys for no reason, for example: aaaaaaa OR qwueqmeu)
    • Chat spam (Repeating the same message multiple times, such as shop and town advertisements)
    • Caps spam (6+ words ALL IN CAPS)
    • Long "welcome" messages (Keep "welcome" messages to one or two lines of text)
  • All messages sent in the global chat must be English
    • An exception to this rule is in /msg but no other place
  • Advertising is forbidden in any form and will be met with a perma-mute
    • Posting IP addresses to other servers
    • Posting any links that are not related to the server (Unless you have asked a staff member)
    • This applies everywhere, Chat, Discord, Signs, Holograms, Names, and more
    • You will be met with an instant perma-mute and kick if you break this rule
  • Rules for colors in chat (LegendPlus)
    • Using colors in chat comes with some regulations, stick to these to make sure chat isn't a total mess!
    • Do not use colors all the time, they are meant to be used every so often and if they are constantly being used it can ruin chat
    • Don't make it hard to read, using heaps of colors in the one message can be hard to read
    • Limit the use of &k
    • If you have more questions, please ask an admin or owner.
  • Our Current Warning Path for Chat-Based Infractions is : 
    Verbal Warn, 1st Warning, 2nd Warning, Kick, Mute for 20m, Mute for 40m, Mute for 60m, Perma-mute
    • You can appeal your mutes here
    • Unless otherwise specified by the rules above
    • Please note, this warning pathway is at staff-discretion and can be bypassed if needed.

Miscellaneous rules

  • Do not leave floating trees, 1x1 towers, or 1x1 holes randomly
    • This does not apply if it is in a region
  • Do not create laggy redstone machines, mob grinders, etc
    • If these are found to be lagging, an admin is likely to either delete it or disable it (with notice) 
    • Intentional lag machines will be met with a ban
  • Your nickname must start with the first three characters of your username
    • This is to help people when using TAB on your name
      • For example, if your username is "alkalinekats", your nickname must start with "alk" for example "alkrylickats"
  • Do not ask for a staff position, You can post in the staff-applications forum to apply
    • Mentioning/Asking about your application to others may end up making us deny your app, It's best to stay away from doing this
    • If we see you mass-mentioning your application in places or asking how the application is going we will probably deny your application without bringing it to Staff Interviews
    • Asking questions about the staff interview process is allowed, however, please refrain from mentioning your own/someone else's application
  • Anything that a staff member believes is forbidden or disallowed can be met with a warning, kick, mute, or ban
    • If you believe what a staff member has done is wrong, contact an Owner of the server
  • The use of an alt account is allowed but discouraged. However, if you are banned, the use of an alt will result in a permanent ban of the alt and a time extension to your main account's ban.

Forum rules

  • Post threads in the relevant forum
    • Threads in the wrong forum will be moved
  • Do not change a thread's topic
    • If you wish to discuss a new topic do so by creating a new thread
  • All global chat rules must be followed
    • Be sure to follow all the rules even on the forums, Including keeping it all English
    • Post farming is not tolerated
      • This includes one-word replies or anything else that is just to increase your post count.
      • Actions will be taken on breakers of this rule, including removal of your forum account.
  • Always use common sense
    • Think before you post
      • Well-thought-out posts are good to help members understand your post.
    • If you don't know if your post will break a rule or not, Don't post it and ask a staff member.
    • Do not post on a thread that has not been posted on for a long time (also known as "bumping")
      • This is counted as a form of post farming

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