2020 Update 1 + Server Status

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2020 Update 1 + Server Status

Here is a quick overview of what we have changed / added.
The update notes can be seen in the full post.


To report any bugs, Please follow this link: [HERE]
To suggest something for TheFakeWorld, Please follow this link: [HERE]
To get support, Please follow a link: [FAST (discord)] OR [SLOW (forum)]

  • The server in general
    • SkyBlock
      • Up and running
      • Plots have not been reset and the server is as it was before
      • If you find that your plot does not automatically sync back to your player please contact 1Storm on discord.
      • Islands have been reset however there is a way to restore your old island (in most cases)
        • Inventories will not be restored as we do not have this data
        • Some islands will not be recoverable though it is very likely that they will
        • If you want an island restored please message 1Storm on discord for further instructions.
        • Restorations will only be available for a limited time, if you are unable to get on please find a way to contact 1Storm.
    • Creative
      • Up and running
      • Islands have been reset however some are recoverable, more info can be found on discord.
    • Survival
      • Not running yet
      • Survival will still take quite a while to get ready.
  • ABC Ranks
    • The old ABC rank system where you purchased the rank with an in-game balance has been removed.
    • The new ABC rank system works through votes, the more you vote the more you will rankup!
    • To find the amount of votes needed for each rank, use /ranks and for more info in-game use /rankup
  • Slime Chunk detector
    • You can now detect slime chunks by using /slime, this will work on Survival and SkyBlock.
  • Updated mcMMO
    • mcMMO has been updated and it brings new features!
  • Voting
    • Voting has been fixed however there is now only 4 vote sites instead of 5.
    • Do not use /vshop until crates work again, you will lose your vote credits.
    • You can find the vote sites with /vote
  • SkyBlock island likes
    • When visitng islands with the warp signs you can now like or dislike islands /island likes
  • SkyBlock dimensional trees
    • Trees in different dimensions will be different!
  • SkyBlock challenges update
    • We have updated the challenges on skyblock with some new ones that better flow through the gameplay.
  • ABC and Donator rank perk updates (COMING SOON)
    • We are working on updating the rank perks for ABC and Donator ranks. These will better match the servers and allow for greater gameplay!
  • Updated crates (COMING SOON)
    • We are working on updating all of the crates to better fit the server, for now there are no crates.
  • Removed Herobrine

We hope you all enjoy these new features and if you have any suggestions or find any bugs we would love to hear about them! Here are some sub-forums that may help you:


Further Information

Nitro Boosts

  • Nitro Boosting is a great way to help the server as it does help us with some perks.
  • Information on how to boost can be found in the #nitro-boosts channel on discord!
  • Those who boost us will receive the following (might change in the future)
    • A cool badge in the sidebar
    • A hoisted role
    • Access to Donator channels
    • Server fly (global)


  • Donating to TheFakeWorld is the main way to keep it running, we rely on donations to stay running.
  • All money through donations is put straight back into the server.

By 1StormFox, over 2 years ago

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