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Server Status Problems

TheFakeWorld has been down recently, This is due to two problems which are overviewed in this post.

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Problem One [Started 9th of November]

    • The first problem was the main cause of the second, in short, the server which runs TFW and all the minecraft servers had some issues with its hard drives (and something else, can't remember) which caused it to stop working entirely.
    • We managed to fix this and get the server back up and running however we noticed that something was incredibly wrong (problem 2)

Problem Two [Started 12th of November]

    • After we managed to get the server that runs TFW back running we noticed that almost 90% of the files (which were running in RAID 1 to prevent this) had decided to either delete or corrupt (unusable).
    • This meant that we have very little config files for TFW and no database for TFW.

What we still have:


    • Creative: The entire world (I had downloaded the entire thing a little before the first problem so that I could fix some issues with the database). This means everything that was built in creative is still there and even some spawns still exist due to us building them in that server!
    • SkyBlock: Spawn world schematic, this is old however it is something we can build off.
    • Survival: Some random old config files and schematics, not exactly sure what though...
    • Database: Some old versions of the database, not much that is there will still work or be compatible with TFW so it might just be a new database in the future.
    • all the schematics are from worldedit while we were transferring them between servers after developing them, this means they are probably all the first versions.

Answers to probable questions:

  • "But don't you have backups?"
    • Yes, great idea... if only I could find them.... (which I can't).
    • Even if I do find them, the last backup we have was from a few months ago (not sure why another one wasn't made), this means that a large amount of player data will still be lost.
  • "What is going to happen to TFW?"
    • Best case scenario: would be all the files coming back and running correctly, this would mean TFW would be back to how it was.
    • What will probably happen: I will find the backup and restore TFW back to what it was then (to the best of my ability) and bring back anything else that I can recover
    • Worst-case scenario: Nothing is found and TFW will be reset with any data I can save (this means new worlds and player data)
  • "When will TheFakeWorld be back?"
    • Hopefully soon, I will be able to start work now (December) that school is finishing and I have less work to worry about. The admin team, Willby and I will start working on fixing the entire server as soon as possible and we will get it back as soon as possible too. I think everything should be back before 2020 or at the latest February. 


Please direct any other questions to me in DM via discord. (1StormDragon)




Apparently we failed to remove Herobrine.


Non-Relevant Information

Nitro Boosts

  • Nitro Boosting is a great way to help the server as it does help us with some perks.
  • Information on how to boost can be found in the #nitro-boosts channel on discord!
  • Those who boost us will receive the following (might change in the future)
    • A cool badge in the sidebar
    • A hoisted role
    • Access to Donator channels
    • Server fly (global)

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Have a bug to report? 
1. Join the discord | 2. Look in #bug-reports

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Have a bug to report? 
1. Join the discord | 2. Look in #bug-reports