February Update

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February Update

Here is a quick overview of what we have added!

  • SkyBlock
    • We have fully implemented a skyblock server! You can find it by using the normal IP or using /skyblock in creative or survival!
    • If you find any bugs please report them using the method listed below :D
  • ​Bug Reports
    • We have a new system for reporting bugs, In the #bug-reports channel on discord you can now report bugs which will allow our staff team to look over them, test them and fix them!
    • More information can be found on [THIS] forum.
  • Creative
    • Creative should be fully back and updated to 1.13!
    • If you find any bugs please report them using the method listed above :D
  • SlimeFun
    • SlimeFun is still being implemented back into survival, It will be back as soon as possible!
    • All placed SlimeFun block sin Legacy will not work, if you would like to restore these blocks DO NOT break them and submit a /modreq stating what they were. We will do our best to restore every item.
    • We CAN and WILL check the items, Please do not try and trick us into giving you better items - consequences may occur, If you can not remember we will give you the lowest level of that item.
    • After a build transfer has been done all leftover SlimeFun blocks within that region will not be restored, This means that you have to get them restored before your build transfer - You are not required to restore any blocks.
  • SilkSpawners
    • SilkSpawners has not fully updated to 1.13.2 yet so you will not be able to silk touch a spawner until we fix this.
    • This applies to both legacy and the new world
  • Quarterly Contests
    • The admin team has decided (at least for now) that we will be running quarterly contests instead of monthly.
    • This is because of the following:
      • ​There are not enough people joining in the monthly contests
      • We would like to offer larger rewards for winning these contests
      • We think that it might allow more people to compete
      • We would like to make larger contests (end goal)
    • To see this year's first contest you can go [HERE]
    • Information on contests can be found [HERE] 
  • Removed Herobrine

We hope you all enjoy these new features and if you have any suggestions or find any bugs we would love to hear about them! Here are some sub-forums that may help you:


By 1StormFox, about 1 year ago