Bug Reporting

 Started by Willby

Bug Reporting

  • How does it work
    • TheFakeWorld's Discord Bot has been set up to be a master bug tracker. It is now sitting patiently, waiting for you to tell it about any bugs! Bug reporting has been made very simple compared to the old system, The rest of this thread will explain how to report a bug.
  • ​Reproducing
    • For us to be able to fix the bug we need to know how it happened so we can find out why it happened. If you can create the steps to reproduce whatever this bug is, we will be able to fix it as soon as we can!
  • Client and System Information
    • Sometimes bugs can be caused by specific client settings or system specs, When creating the report please describe your system and client (an example will be given on the site).
    • If you are reporting a website bug you should include what browser you are using and browser version.
  • Formatting the Report
    • This stage might confuse you but the owner team made a useful tool to allow you to produce a report command! Click [HERE] to make a robot do the hard work for you!
    • After getting the text send it in #bug-reports on discord!

We hope you all enjoy this new feature and if you have any suggestions or find any bugs we would love to hear about them! Here are some sub-forums that may help you:



By Willby, 8 months ago