Town & City Applications

 Started by 1StormFox

This is a template that is used for those who want to apply for a town or city, You can use this forum (as a town or city owner) to let us know why your town, or city should become official! 
Please be honest in your application and it might just get approved. Lazy, Vague or applications not following the format will be automatically close and a staff member will redirect you here. Please provide as much information as possible in your application! 
DO NOT make multiple (just edit your existing one)

What is your IGN?
What is your current in game username?

What is the name of your town/city?
Let us know what it is called so we know what to name it if we accept it!

Does it abide by our regulations?
Check the pinned messages in this forum or click [HERE] to visit the post where the regulations are located.

How long has it been in operation?
How long have you been building it for, How much work have you put in, Have other members helped out?

How many members are there currently?
How many members are in it at the time of posting this (this does not need to be kept 100% up-to-date)

Where would you  like the warp?
Before posting this thread, Go in game and make a modreq with the following format:
/modreq I would like the warp for {town/city name here} to be here 
CAUTION: Where you stand and look will be where the warp will be. 

Remember to try your hardest when applying!

By 1StormFox, over 4 years ago

Have a bug to report? 
1. Join the discord | 2. Look in #bug-reports