Feature List Strange Mystical Titan Legend Legend Plus
RANK DETAILS          
Duration 3 Months Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime 1 Month
Forum Rank
Chat & Tab Color Aqua Orange Pink Purple Purple + Yellow
Discord Rank
Forum Rank
Nametag Prefix
Daily Kits 1 Key from /kit strange 1 Key from /kit mystical 1 Key from /kit titan 1 Key from /kit legend 2 Keys from all kits
Use Colors In Chat (read rules)
Daily Crates
Max creative plots 2 4 6 12 16
Max auctionhouse auctions 15 15 20 30 50
Create cheques
Put items on head
Edit personal time
Access to /craft
Teleport with horse
Free egg catcher S S S S
Access to /point
Open enderchest with /ec
Access to /fix
Max Flyspeed 3 6 8 10
Access to /glow
Access to /head
Access to /nick
Access to /pweather
Max Sethomes - 15 25 30 100
Shulker Backpacks
Access to /nick
Time Edit
Access to /top
Access to /weather
Non-silk drop spawners
Job Pet Pay
Punch staff into the sky
Use unlimited elytra boost
Access to /armorstand
Access to change glow colors
Access to /fly
Access to /god
Access to /walkspeed
Full Server Bypass
Debug Stick Access C
Ability to react to messages in #announcements on discord
Teleport Cooldown Bypass
RTP Cooldown Bypass
RTP Countdown Bypass
Access to ALL Pets
Access to use pets as hat
Access to ride pets
DISGUISES Unfortunately disguises are currently broken until further notice
End Crystal