Feature List Strange Mystical Titan Legend Legend Plus
RANK DETAILS          
Duration 3 Months Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime 1 Month
Forum Rank
Chat & Tab Color Aqua Orange Pink Purple Purple + Yellow
Discord Rank
Forum Rank
Nametag Prefix
Daily Kits 1 Key from /kit strange 1 Key from /kit mystical 1 Key from /kit titan 1 Key from /kit legend 2 Keys from all kits
Use Colors In Chat (read rules)
Daily Crates
Max Player Vaults 1 3 5 7 25
Max creative plots 2 4 6 12 16
Max auctionhouse auctions 15 15 20 30 50
Create cheques
Put items on head
Edit personal time
Access to /craft
Teleport with horse
Free egg catcher S S S S
Access to /point
Open enderchest with /ec
Access to /fix
Max Flyspeed 3 6 8 10
Access to /glow
Access to /head
Access to /nick
Access to /pweather
Max Sethomes - 15 25 30 100
Shulker Backpacks
Access to /nick
Time Edit
Access to /top
Access to /weather
Non-silk drop spawners
Job Pet Pay
Punch staff into the sky
Use unlimited elytra boost
Access to /armorstand
Access to change glow colors
Access to /fly
Access to /god
Access to /walkspeed
Full Server Bypass
Debug Stick Access C
Ability to react to messages in #announcements on discord
Teleport Cooldown Bypass
RTP Cooldown Bypass
RTP Countdown Bypass
Access to ALL Pets
Access to use pets as hat
Access to ride pets
End Crystal