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By AustinTheHuman » 9 months ago
I believe it's a lovely idea to have an in game
SlimeFun tutorial, for people like me who need
also, it would be quite a lovely thing if the RTP
command didn't have a 5 minute cooldown
Thanks, The one and only, AustinTheHuman

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By Shockrider1 » 9 months ago
Hi Austin!
I agree about the rtp command, I think a 2 or 3 minute cooldown would be more than enough.
We do have SlimeFun help posts here on the Forums; personally, I think a tutorial in-game would be extraordinarily difficult to make. And as much as I would very much enjoy having one, I think that could very well end up taking up a good part of an update, so take that as you will.
But if you do need SF help right now, Alkaline and Mike are both quite knowledgeable about it, and there are always those Forums guides.
Hope this helps a bit!

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By 1StormDragon » 9 months ago
Hello AustinTheHuman, 

The idea about the RTP command is good, I think I will adjust it down to 1-2 minutes. As for the SlimeFun tutorial, we might think about it but as shock said there are places on the forum already for SlimeFun tutorials.

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