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By LadyCassandra » 9 months ago
On a more serious note, I've been asked to put down suggestions for the server, and I do have a few. Whether they're implemented in earlier ranks or later ranks, I don't really care, but for ones that can be increased overtime (like more homes, more jobs, etc) I'd like to see them start out in the earlier ranks and then get better in the later ranks. 

Rank perks 

I've seen this written as /pack as well, but it's super useful when you're out mining and have a ton of coal or lapis or redstone. Don't know if this works for quartz or nether wart block though. 

Less wait time for /rtp
I've been told this causes lag. But the world is already ridiculously big, so what can you do besides shrink the world? 5 minutes is a long time to wait, especially if you accidentally waste it on moving (like falling down) or in a world where you can't use it (like the contest's spawn room) and then when you go to somewhere that you can use it, you have to wait. I'm thinking maybe make the increments 4min, 3 min, 2 min, 1 min, 30s, 10s. No wait time at all would be great too, but as much as I want it it probably won't be considered. 

/weather could be heavily abused imo, as someone could troll with it. /pweather just changes it for the individual, which is more convenient for everyone. 

Just like /weather, /time set could also be abused. I've found /ptime to be really useful though. Since it is in a higher rank I don't really have an issue with it not getting removed, but /ptime at an earlier rank would be good. 

Particle effects
These are overall really fun. If done right, most of them can also look really nice. Wings, hearts, flames, music, etc etc etc. 

Colored signs (and modifiers like bold, underlined, italic)
These are so much fun to play with, and they're also really good for information. 

Teleport/useful signs
I've seen signs get used for more than just information. For example if you put [Trash] on the sign, you could dispose of items there. If you put [Home] [Home Name], it teleported you to your home point. If you did [Warp] [Warp Name], it teleported you to the warp. It was immediate and convenient. 

More /jobs
The higher the rank, the more jobs you're allowed to have. More ways to earn money, etc. 

Region flags
I saw this in another discussion, and I firmly believe that the ability to add/remove players at will should not be held at such a ridiculously high rank. Earning money is already hard enough, if you can't remove or add players at will that's just a hassle for everyone. Also, the ability to turn off mobs should be somewhere in ranks G-M, just because at that point most players have already established enough and played on the server for a while. 

Access to /warps and available warps
Yes, I said it twice, because warps like /creative, /contests, and /survival don't exist under /warps. If /warps could be accessible and include the world warps, that would be extremely helpful in knowing what places are available. 

Crate perks
Even if a player isn't at the designated rank or doesn't have the correct key, the perks should still be visible so people know what's inside, and possibly the chances of getting items. It also adds incentive to buy the key / get the rank / vote / etc. 

I'll add more to this list once more comes to mind. Thanks for reading!