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By frenchdeviant » 9 months ago
I figured that because this is survival things can get boring after awile. You could argue that "Slimefun has a lot to do", while, yeah, it does, but Slimefun is not as "Fun" or "Interesting" as time consuming and stressful. Slimefun can very much be a great thing, im not suggesting to remove it. Just saying that maybe something like, Lucky Blocks could be added along with the cool things they come with. You could argue some contents of the Lucky Blocks could possibly destroy towns. But thats up to the player, its their fault if they decided to open a random package in their hard made building/town. Lucky blocks could add more items to have fun with and something else to do. Also some kind of seasons plugin or natural disasters. Not even sure if these exist but it would be nice to see it change from snowing to brisk leaves dropping in fall. My personal opinion in taking a look into something to add a tad bit more spice into Survival. ty for reading though :D

The more crutches you have, the harder it hurts when they're kicked out from under you.

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By 1StormDragon » 8 months ago
Suggestion Approved

Hello frenchdeviant, Seasons were added during the September Update, Natural Disasters and Lucky Blocks will not be added yet. Thank You.

Thread Locked.