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By mircidra » 10 months ago

It'd be very nice if you could add heads to creative, it's a nice feature for decorating and could also be added to survival.
Also there are money in creative and there is nothing you can do with them except for buying plots (the plot you wanna buy must be available for sale and I can't find the command), so maybe you can find something.... You can add a feature where players are rewarded with money for making towns, houses, statues, etc. I'm still thinking about we could do with money.
PS: add creative label for this forum lol



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By Willby » 9 months ago
Hello Mircidra!

We will consider the head thing in creative :) I think it's a cool idea!
Just ignore the money in creative as it is currently useless and we have no plans for it.
When you own towns or cities you are rewarded with tokens that you can use in /rewards, You can also get these from winning contests. So we already have that feature. Thanks for the suggestions!



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By alkalinekats » 9 months ago
Mircidra, I can second you on heads, I'd really love if they were in creative.

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By LadyCassandra » 9 months ago
There are player heads, and there are custom heads that aren't linked to a player but are a certain design, like a cake or robot. If there is any use of money, I'd say it would be for buying those custom heads. 

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By 1StormDragon » 8 months ago
Suggestion Approved

Hello mircidra, This was added during the September Update. Thank You.

Thread Locked.