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By 1StormDragon » 7 months ago
Monthly Contest Information - November 2018

  • Build a shop that sells all types of items!
  • Have shop signs and at least 10 different item shops
  • Be at least 20x20 blocks
What is judged:
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to stick to a theme
  • User-friendly : e.g. Easy to find your way around
  • Size
  • Creative use of blocks : e.g. Heads, torches, etc
Special Reward:
  • Top 5 shops will get a permanent warp to their shop under a name of their choice.
How to enter:
  1. Read the contest thread [HERE]
  2. Find a place for your build
  3. Find a team for your build
  4. Reply to this thread with the following information: team name, team leader, team members, warp name and the coordinates to your build
Where to compete:
  • Survival world, In a region.
Example Submission:
  • Team Name: Team Rambo
  • Team Leader: alkalinekats
  • Team Members: MikeThePotato
  • Warp: /warp rambo
  • Coordinates: 2292, 37, -7109


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By AustinTheHuman » 7 months ago
Team Name: A HUMAN
Team Leader: AustinTheHuman
Team Members: AustinTheHuman
Warp: /warp lumberjack
Co-ordinates: Something...

I Shot The Sherrif


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By alkalinekats » 6 months ago
Team Name : Team Rambo
Team Leader : alkalinekats
Team Members : alkalinekats
Warp : /warp thefakeshop
Coordinates : -212023 65 -522409

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By MikeThePotato » 6 months ago
Team Name: TeamCheeto
Team Leader: MikeThePotato
Team Members: MikeThePotato
Warp: /warp potato
Co-ordinates: 418273 96 -941661

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By 1StormDragon » 6 months ago
Due to downtime in November this contest will be continued this month (December).

You can find the new forum post here:

People who have competed in this contest will have to move their builds and post a new reply to the new thread.